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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. NZtechfreak
    No problem with space on the floor :)
  2. Sheepism
    Count me in to bring some kit then. I think the pioneer will need to stay home. She's a bit old and in need of some work. Doubt it'd live through a good days use.
    Matrix Mini i
    Woo WA6
    Aune T1
    FiiO E18
    Custom Magnum V5s
    Sennheiser HD650
    NAD Viso HP50
    Alessandro MS2i
    V Moda M80
    Koss PortaPro
    Pro-Ject Xpression III
  3. Aiyah
    Bought my tickets. Gotta be honest, I'm really excited for this! Looking forward to it immensely. Is anyone bringing and LCD XC? I would love to demo them, as they are my target TOTL can after I returned my TH-900 a couple weeks ago.
  4. NZtechfreak

    I'm still awaiting word from Computer Lounge in relation to whether they will come, from memory they have a display one. If they are unable to attend I'm hoping that I might be able to at least borrow a few things to show.
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  5. Badas

    I have noticed that they are moving away from headphones. Maybe it is because Billy is now in Aussie.
    I have notice brands like HiFiMan etc have been dropped from their line. [​IMG]
  6. NZtechfreak

    I visited them in store last week, and suffice to say that there are a number of factors leading into their diminished range at present. They still carry a range of things that are hard to hear anywhere else though, including some things like the LCD-XC that people really want to hear.
  7. NZtechfreak
    Self-restraint? What's that? Seems I'm vacillating between happiness with my HE-6 which does everything basically just right for me, and the opposing desire to have all the cans - just grabbed another HD800, couldn't resist hearing it on my CMA800R stack (grabbed the balanced cable off Massdrop FWIW). Still planning on getting the HE-1000 if at all humanly possible. If anyone wants to buy some Senn Momentum 2.0 wired let me know, ha!
  8. Aiyah
    Hey there, decided to keep my Modi 2 regular / Magni 2 Uber stack. So you can add that to the list if people are interested in hearing them.

    By the way, a bit OT but if anyone in Auckland has a pair of ZMF Vibro or Blackwood I would love to have a listen for a few minutes in exchange for some beersies.

  9. Badas
    Anyone out of town desperate for accommodation I can put them up for a few nights as well.

    Might have kids bouncing on ya tho. :D Just PM me if required.


    I have been tweaking the tube selection for the WA22 as well. Trying to roll the best for the meet. All NOS tubes. All considered some of the best available for the WA22.

    I think I have settled on the Brimar 5Z4 rectifier, Tung-Sol round plates drivers and Mullard 6080 power tubes. Heavenly sound that solid state just can't match.
  10. Aiyah

    Ditto but replace kids with a cat.
  11. Badas
    What's the pack up plan for us guys with tube amps?

    With the heat from our tubes we really can't move our amps without damaging the tubes until they cool. Some owners will want to remove the tubes while transporting as well. I won't but some owners might.
    My 6080 power tubes take at least 30 minutes to cool before I would move the amp. Someone with 300B power tubes would likely take longer. They get sun temperature hot.

    Do we have to vacate the premises quickly? If so we would likely have to turn off our amps before the meet ends. That's okay just as long others know.
  12. HelmetGuy
    Yeah, tube amps will have to be powered down a few minutes early.
    But it did take me at least 30 minutes, with assistance, to pack down last year (thanks again to everyone that helped). I had tons of stuff. 
  13. Brooko Contributor
    I'm probably staying for the night anyway - so more than happy to assist with anyone who needs help with packing up gear.
  14. TonyNewman
    This might whet some appetites - I will be taking delivery in the next few weeks of some used (350hrs) Takatsukis (300Bs and 274Bs). Considering these tubes take about 500 hrs to fully break in they will be at their best around the time of the meet.
    Stuff I plan to bring along:
    Glenn 300B amp OR WA5 (whichever is the best sounding - big 300B tube amps are beasts to cart around with those huge transformers).
    Auralic Vega DAC
    Simaudio 430HA
    Wadia i170 transport (iPod is my digital source - don't laugh - a binary data stream is a binary data stream is a binary data stream).
    Modded HE6
    Modded HD800
    The Taks will go with whichever tube amp I hump along - both 300B and 274Bs with WA5, 300Bs only with Glenn amp. (I will be shocked if the Glenn amp doesn't kick WA5 butt, but that remains to be seen).
    The Auralic Vega + Simaduio 430HA is a special combination - warm, highly musical and detailed. I'm hoping this setup will open some eyes and ears on how close to "tube-like" sound SS can get while retaining the detail + extension that SS excels at. It is indeed "yummy". Looking forward to getting some other points of view on this gear. [​IMG]
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  15. NZtechfreak
    We have the venue until 5pm and the meet concludes at 4pm, so an hour to vacate - if your tubes need longer to cool then feel free to turn those amps off earlier to allow this.
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