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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. NZtechfreak

    Next release would be the HE-400s - high sensitivity portable planar, next after that might be the HE-6 successor...
  2. NZtechfreak
    One amp I'd be really interested to hear is the Gustard H10, which is a Violectric V200 clone with some improvements - and all at about 40% of the price of the V200. I probably should have picked one up for curiosities sake given it was recently on Massdrop for even less money, but it'll probably come up there again before long I would guess. Don't suppose anyone here has one?
  3. poo
    I'll be along, great to see a few goodies in the list that I'd love to spend a little time with. 
    I can bring any of the following: Benchmark DAC1PRE, Sennheiser HD800/HD650, Burson HA-160 (which I'm happy to sell if anyone's interested).
  4. poo
    Would really love to hear my HD800s through NZtechfreak's CMA800R monos but don't have a balanced cable. If anyone has an HD800 balanced cable that I can beg/borrow/steal/rent/hire/buy before the meet please hit me up :) 
  5. NZtechfreak
    Great! Bring it all!
    Apparently even SE it is a superb pairing (that said, obviously I would love to hear them via the monoblock config - here's hoping someone has a balanced cable for the HD800 that will be in attendance!).
  6. poo
    Yeah to be honest I'm sure single ended will give me enough of an impression of what to expect, if the sound is even half of what I've read it to be with the HD800 I'll be impressed. I'm very envious of that delicious stack of yours BTW! 
    Thanks for organising an NZ meet man. Have been to a few in Sydney (awesome guys) so now that I'm back here I'm looking forward to getting to know the NZ-Fi crew :)
  7. NZtechfreak
    Well, to be honest although I greatly enjoyed the sound of the stack in Melbourne earlier in the year it wasn't on the cards that I would ever get them given the expense of going monoblock with them (and absolutely needing to given the HE-6), but then two happened to be on sale at Head-Fi at the same time for around the price of one brand new... self-restraint has never been one of my strong suites.
  8. designmind

    You can add some Denon AH-D7100 Headphones and a Meridian Explorer USB Dac to the list of gear that I can bring.
    Also could be looking at selling some of my stuff I don't use so much these days, which can be auditioned at the event, if anyone is interested (Denon AHD7100, Darkvoice 3322, Audio-GD 10.32, in particular)
  9. NZtechfreak

    Oh, nice (sale stuff and new stuff to list).

    Keen to hear the Meridian Explorer, one of the portable DAC/amp units I've not heard heard. I presume the new lower-ohm output version?
  10. designmind
    Afraid not - I have the original Meridian Explorer, not the Explorer 2 that has come out more recently
  11. NZtechfreak

    There were two versions of the original, the first had something like 20ohm output impedance and a revision of the v1 Explorer had a much lower output impedance.
  12. Aiyah
    I can bring along a LH Labs Geek Out 450. Also a Shure 1540 if a vendor doesn't bring a pair. Maybe also the modi 2, Magni 2 uber stack if I don't sell it in the interim.
  13. Sheepism
    G'day all. Looking forward to this meet. Last one was awesome, and since then have greatly expanded from a little Aune T1 and some Magnums to a nice little collection :) 
    Would be keen to bring along some of my kit. I've got a project xpression iii turntable which is a solid piece of kit along with my Woo WA6. Also got a Matrix mini I dac which works nicely with the PC. If the Woo and Matrix look familiar it's because I may have acquired them from someone here :wink: and of course the little Aune T1
    In terms of cans I've got the Magnum v5s still, as well as some HD650s, NAD HP-400s, a shared pair of Alessandro MS2s, some Koss porta pros (by far my favorites at the moment for the shear shock value they generate) and shortly some V Moda M-80s, which I grabbed on special. If there was enough demand there's also an old 70s Pioneer SX-424 which I use with my cans too, because power!
    For a more mobile touch i could throw in the FiiO E18 too.
    As I said, somewhat expanded in the last year.
    I see Mark-G has another Pioneer amp turning up along with some D2000s in a big comfy egg chair. Hint hint.
    Space on the floor?
  14. johnk100
    Hi Guys,
    Had tickets to last years but couldn't make it on the day.
    Just getting into the headphone scene really.  Decided about two years ago to finally buy a pair of headphones, grabbed the Sennheiser HD449, entry level, but they made me realize what a difference a pair of headphones can have over the free ones you get with phones and what not.  
    Most of the models and DACs/ Amps mentioned above go straight over my head haha, but keen to get more knowledge as time goes on. Trying to convince myself I need to upgrade my ones... 
    Looking forward to this meet. 
  15. NZtechfreak
    Shame you couldn't make it on the day last year - just as well there is another meet this year :)
    You're seriously in for a treat listening to a lot of the gear that will be in attendance on the day, for what they are the HD449 are obviously a nice set of cans, but I'd be very surprised if you didn't get wowed by several of this headphones and associated gear there this year.
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