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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. mark-g
    oh my I've got so many wires that need packing up, I keep looking around thinking thats going to take a while to pack up. Need to get it all in the car on Friday night as I don't fancy doing any of it at 7am on Saturday morning.
    My SA7100 is sat next to me on its side with the protection circuit disconnected and the scope still attached and its case is in a few pieces about the desk.... arr what a mess.. there's always tomorrow as right now I'm just enjoying it making music again   [​IMG] 
  2. NZtechfreak
    The ZMF headphones just left Hong Kong, cutting it a little fine, but I think they'll just make it.
  3. HelmetGuy
    Well this is unfortunate - I've just been called in to work over the weekend so can't make it to the meet! Just my luck! 
    I think I should be able to make it to post-meet drinks though, if that does happen this year. I'll try not to be too green with envy.
    Real shame as I was looking forward to chatting and comparing gear, but there's always another time if not next year.
    So if there are any subsequent mini-meets organized after then please feel free to drop me a PM. 
  4. NZtechfreak
    Call in sick Saturday!
  5. Badas

    I agree. A lot of that going around at the moment. So it should be believable. [​IMG]
    It looks like I will be bringing the following:
    Audeze LCD-X (Thanks to Tony)
    Audeze LCD-3
    Arcam irDAC
    Oppo HA-1
    Woo Audio WA22
    Feed music from an iPod in a Arcam digital dock.
  6. NZtechfreak
    Have an attendee coming from Waterview whose motorbike has blown up, anyone coming from near that way?
  7. 62ohm
    Is there anyone departing from somewhere around the city tomorrow? My car broke down, unless I could hitch a ride with someone then a cab would be my only choice.
  8. Brooko Contributor
    You're not having much luck mate. I'm looking forward to finally meeting you tomorrow though :)

    I'm in motel up here now (Murray very generously picked me up) - just checking to make sure all the gear made it ok
  9. mark-g
    I'm coming down from Whangaparaoa and aiming to get there for 8am - If anyone's stuck and not too far East or West of my route I'm happy to pick you up. Should have a little space in the wagon but half my living room will be in there.... :)
  10. NZtechfreak

    Can you PM me your number? Will try and sort something out for you.
  11. 62ohm

    Likewise mate - looking forward to meeting you too. I have no idea what's going on with my luck lately. First the fire, now my car broke down :etysmile: well it is an italian car after all, so break downs are hardly surprising.

    I live in the city, do you think you can give me a ride? Much appreciated if you can, but no worries if you can't, I can still get a cab and make it there.
  12. 62ohm

    PM sent, cheers.
  13. mark-g
    PM me your address and number if your still stuck, happy to go by the CBD.
  14. audiophilegamer
    Just a quick 'noob' question... How does a headphone meet work? Like do I just buy a ticket, enter and listen to all the rigs in there? First meet ever and I am excited! 
  15. Lyn Antony
    First time attending a headphone meet. Looking forward to meeting you guys there! [​IMG]
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