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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. designmind
    Yeah, sorry you cant make it - do check out Stereo Exchange (627 Broadway, Soho) and their Headphone lounge too while your in NY - I intend to later in the year ...
  2. TonyNewman
    Want to bounce something around and see what sort of reaction I get.
    I was planning to bring both the WA5 and 430HA amps to the meet. I am having second thoughts about that as the WA5 is a beast to transport, so am thinking of just bringing that amp and leaving the 430HA at home.
    I have got the WA5 working with the C3G drivers, together with Takatsuki tubes (400+ hours on them now). The sound is not unlike someone took a 430HA and melded it with TA300Bs - almost all the extension, detail and dynamics of a TOTL SS amp combined with the lovely smoothness of the TA300B. If that sounds impressive, it is. I'm still a little gobsmacked at the result.
    Anyway, if I am going to bring just one amp it would be the WA5 with TA300B / C3G / TA274B setup - it simply delivers the better audio experience.
    So I am asking the question - are there folks out there who are very much interesting in hearing the 430HA? If yes, I will push my lazy + chubby arse to bring another amp along, otherwise I will just do the WA5 [​IMG]
    Some pics that I posted in the Woo thread of the Wa5 doing the business with Taks and C3G drivers.
  3. NZtechfreak
    I definitely want to hear the 430HA!
  4. TonyNewman
    Thought I might get that response [​IMG]
    No drama - I'll heave the extra box along. It's a very nice SS amp (but I think the WA5 with Taks + C3Gs is nicer).
  5. Badas

    I will give you a hand if you need Tony.
    Damn. Thanks for the listening session yesterday mate. That is the best HP session I have ever had.
    Guy's I can confirm that Tony has his WA5 working the best it could ever be. I'm into tubes and the level Tony's WA5 is working at is incredible.
    Simply put. Some music felt like I was right next to the artist. 11/10 result. [​IMG] 
    Vega > WA5 > HE-6 is a killer combo.
  6. 62ohm
    Seems like I would really have to sell some of my gear. Had a house fire, not too serious as the building itself is still intact, but might need to cover some of the expenses.

    Should still be able to go to the meet as none of my gear are affected in any way though.
  7. TonyNewman
    I think it might be a 2 person job to heave all my gear. The WA5 is a beast to shift.
    The timing is cool - have got the WA5 at its best with the Taks + C3Gs just in time for the meet.
  8. NZtechfreak

    Oh man, feel bad for you! I guess lucky nothing too serious with the fire.
  9. HelmetGuy

    Yikes! Good thing you're OK.


    Much appreciated, both the WA5 and 430HA are at the top of my demo bucket list.


    Cheers again for hosting us. You may have to pry me away from the Chord Hugo at the meet!
  10. piksnz
    Hey Murray,
    Want to buy tickets for the meet can you re-add the listing in trademe.
  11. NZtechfreak

    Yep done.
  12. piksnz
    Thanks. Purchased.
  13. 62ohm
    One week to go chaps!
  14. Badas

    Looking foward to it.

    I have made sure that the tubes on my Woo WA22 are dead quiet, burnt in and sounding the best it can.

    Also installed brand new earpads on my LCD3's so they are nice and clean for use.
  15. NZtechfreak
    Ha, my preparations are mostly waiting anxiously on the ZMF stuff and m Pandora Hope VI to ship in time! Of course the new low repulsion pads for the Hope VI have already arrived...
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