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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. TonyNewman
    After the outlays for the Taks + Glenn amp, mine is a smelly decapitated corpse on the floor with its entrails hanging out.
    Good news is that the Taks in the WA5 now have over 400 hours on them and they are SINGING. Never heard my WA5 sound better. These are magic tubes, but they were a little uneven earlier in the burn in. Settled down now and they are sounding sweet. I should have close to 500 hours on them before the meet.
    Vega -> WA5 -> modded HD800. Will redo my HE6 fuzzor this weekend and see how that pairs - if it works will bring that too. Also the 430HA.
    I'll be very interested in finding out what other folks think of the Tak + TS RP tube rig at the meet.
  2. 62ohm
    It has been quite a while now that I believed I've reached my 'end-game' as I am extraordinarily happy with the 'sound character' (not necessarily sound quality) of my main system (Benchmark DAC1 -> HDVA 600 -> HD800). Hope this meet won't ruin that [​IMG] ​
    Pretty certain I will hear something I like better though, and the journey begins again...
  3. Badas
    Taks plus Tung-Sol Round Plates (My favorite Driver)
  4. Aiyah

    Did you pick it up on massdrop?
  5. TonyNewman
    The fine line between hobby and obsession is knowing when to stop.
    I probably should have stopped at Taurus + WA5, but went that next step to 430HA and Glenn 300B amp. I think that puts me into the "obsessed" camp.
  6. audiophilegamer
    Will tickets be available at the door? And if I am displaying my gear, are tables and chairs provided?
  7. NZtechfreak

    There will be door sales, yes.

    Tables and chairs are provided by the venue.
  8. TonyNewman
    I'll be bringing my own extension chord and power distribution board.
    Suggest other folks bringing demo gear do the same (unless someone can tell me that they will be provided).
  9. NZtechfreak

    Yes, please do bring your own power boards and extension cords.
  10. mark-g
    I was going to bring my APC 1500 rackmount so there will be at least enough nice clean power for say 5-10 tables depending on how many pc's people have if they want to connect to that? I'll prob have an APC 600 too.
    I'll make sure I bring some long cables and some duck-tape for the floor to avoid any trip hazards too.
  11. NZtechfreak

    That sounds good.
  12. TonyNewman
    All you need is the handcuffs and chloroform to complete the set.
  13. mark-g
    I've already got a bag full of cable ties, I think its just a belt that's needed to complete the set???? oh dear not sure I like where this is heading. If I remember last time it was a bit of a sausage fest with not a women in sight. Maybe its best otherwise our careful plans to stash the odd bit of audio gear around the house would be exposed when then saw everything in one place.... :)
  14. Sheepism

    Good grief. This all sounds terribly dodgy!

    Gutted I'm going to miss all the sounds. Always hunting for something better! But off to NY so hoping iIcan pop into BHPhotoVideo and play with some stuff there! Need something aggressive.
  15. designmind

    was a pleasure to have you guys (and your gear around) for the recent mini meet (mark-g, sheepism, helmetguy) - nice precursor to the main event in Sept 5
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