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New Zealand Headphone Meet MK II, 2015 Ed.

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  1. NZtechfreak

    Indeed! I really need to get this eustachian tube dysfunction sorted by then though!
  2. robthemac
    Has anyone put forward an AKG K812 for the meet? If not, I'll bring mine along.
  3. NZtechfreak

    Not so far, that'd be great.
  4. robthemac
    Excellent. Now time to pray to the audio gods for a convenient work roster....
  5. NZtechfreak
    PSA: Computer Lounge 20% off Sennheiser right now.

  6. 62ohm
    Can't believe I didn't hear about this earlier (thanks to Paul for giving me a heads-up, and Murray for arranging it again). I would be very much keen to join and bring along my gear if I'm not too late to join [​IMG]
    -HD 800
    -HD 650
    -HDVA 600
    -Benchmark DAC1
    -Metrum Octave Mk.1
  7. NZtechfreak
    We would naturally be most happy to have you! The more the merrier, those who came last year will be able to attest to the hall being plenty spacious.
  8. 62ohm
    It was, indeed. Not to mention the ample parking...
  9. BlackMagic

    Momentum slowed a bit. Would like to bring along and setup an old Wadia 8 Transport[​IMG]Pavane[​IMG]Aurix and Hex/Octave II[​IMG]Aurix.
    Computer on hand as alternative and comparison. HD800’s + T1’s.
    Keen to hear some of the new phones mentioned + the varied systems on display.
    Will expand on the CD selection this year – surprised by requests last year. Good if Tidal is available.
    September not that far off really.
  10. TonyNewman
    Very close. Few weeks away.
    The Glenn amp is unlikely to make it in time, but I will bring along the WA5 with the Takatsukis and TS RP drivers. Putting some hours on the Taks right now as they are still quite young and very uneven at the moment.
    So Vega + 430HA + WA5 + modded HD800. If I can get my damping on the HE6 sorted will bring that too.
    Some WA5 Takatsuki porn:
    The build quality on these tubes is superb.
  11. BlackMagic

    I have been hunting for an 800 cable upgrade – don’t seem readily available. The bottles photo well by the way !  
  12. TonyNewman
    Mine is a custom length (2m) ALO job in Reference 8. I did it more for comfort / ergonomics than anything else (I am a cable skeptic when it comes to SQ).
    Very happy with the result. That little bit of extra length is very handy when swapping between amps also.
  13. BlackMagic
    They don’t seem to list the Ref 8 anymore but price I came across not too bad. Would be good to compare your modded.
    Have a pure Carbon digital and RCA’S and/or a couple of Silver RCA’s + XLR’S inline – welcome to try out. BNC too when I get a new connector.
  14. Brooko Contributor
    Murray - I'm definitely confirmed.  Booked flights today, and I'll be staying at the Airport Harbour View - which should be pretty handy to the venue.
    I'm arriving Friday night, and not leaving until Sunday morning - so I can give anyone a hand with setting up and cleaning up after.
    If any regulars keen on hooking up either Friday night or Saturday night for a few beers, meal, and discussion on audio (or anything else), definitely let me know.  Would be great to get to know some of the Kiwi head-Fiers a little better.
    As far as gear - because I'm coming from Invercargill - can you guys let em know what you'd like me to bring?  I don't really want to bring anything too bulky if I can help it - and I think there are already going to be T1 and HD600 present already.  Other than that I have AKG K553.
    I will be bringing my Bose QC25 - if you haven't heard them yet you should.  The ANC is amazing.
    For portable, I'll bring Fiio's X3ii, X5, X5ii, and also the Luxury & Precision LP5 (I think a few will be impressed with this running full sized cans)
    For amps - E11K, E17K and micro iDSD
    Earphones/IEMs - can bring:
    Fidue A83 and A73 // DUNU DN2000, 2000J, 1000, Titan // Alclair Curve // Trinity Delta, Techne, Hyperion // T-Peos Altone 200.  May also have a few more by then as well.  I will bring the Adel U6 if it is delivered in time
    I'll make sure I have plenty of silicone tips and some wipes, and people can have a listen to whatever tickles their fancy.
    Lastly - and only if there is a serious buyer - I am probably going to sell my NFB-12 and LD MKIV (and spare tubes).  If anyone is seriously interested, I can bring either - if not, I'll leave them behind.
    Murray - if OK with you, I'll just fix you up when I get to the Meet?
    NZtechfreak likes this.
  15. Aiyah
    So I'm looking real forward to this. May be up for a drink the night before depending on how busy I am. Going to be bringing my Fostex TH-600, Modi 2 Uber, and Magni 2 Uber. May also bring the LCD-X if I still have it, but will definitely bring the Fostex TH-600 and M2/U stack.
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