New Zealand - Auckland / Northland - DAC / amp ABX testers wanted

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  1. robthemac
    @Yourmomm would at Saturday between December 22nd and Jan 15th work for you?
  2. Yourmomm
    Hmm...Possibly...depending on SWMBO's plans for me, for the Christmas break. She's not said anything, yet! Could always combine it with a shopping trip for her I suppose, particularly if it's during the post Christmas sales...

    WA2 gone now :frowning2:

    ZDS arrives in a fortnight...
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  3. robthemac
    I'm also going to be down in Auckland probably Wednesday and Thursday next week. Would one of those evenings be possible for you guys?
  4. Badas
    Thursday night is okay for me.
    Not for testing as I’m brain dead after work. Not in the right frame of mind.
    However if you want to hear the rig and compare to your gear then you are welcome to.
    A full on test is better suited to a non working day.
  5. Yourmomm
    Nope. I could only do a weekend, as I don't live in Auckland...
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