New York Audio Show.

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  1. blackwolf1006
    Is any one going to this. There's a 90% chance I'll be there. Look for me I iwill be waring a jacket with my name (Blackwolf) on the back :wink:

    Disclamer.. I am not affileated with the site. 
  2. Colgin
    I will be there. Just not sure which day(s) yet.
  3. blackwolf1006
    Its a bit of a hike for me so its most likely going to be Saturday only for about 4-8hrs
  4. bozebuttons
  5. uhhmike
    By any chance is there anyone who is going to the show who has the audio Zenith pmx2?
  6. HeadAmpTeam
    We will be exhibiting at NYAS, featuring the Blue Hawaii, GS-X MkII, Holo Spring DAC, HE1000 V2, and many more headphones!
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  7. blackwolf1006
    I stop by and give it a listen. you guys always have quality stuff. I have a PICO DAC/AMP and that bad boy is still running like the day I bought it. 
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  8. blackwolf1006
    Sadly this time was not as good as the last one I attended but I did get a chance to listen to the HE1000 V2. I was able to visit the Headamp booth. They had an amazing setup as usual. :). That blue Hawaii setup is out of this world. Looking forward to seeing you guys at can jam :D  
    @HeadAmpTeam I love the headphone stand I got at the booth. Worth every penny
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  9. Angular Mo
    The host Chester Group are a bunch of theieves!

    They allowed me in taking my $30 fee and nobody is here yet!

    It is only open to the Press.


    A bunch of wankers.
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