New XDUOO X10 vs Xuelin Ihifi800, recommendation/spec wars
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Aug 12, 2015
Hi guys,
If you haven't noticed yet, new XDUOO X10 is starting to presale on one of aliexpress sites (10 days preorder).
I just returned my AGPTEK mh01 after malfunction.
And because mh01 doesnt support more 48kHz flac format I decided that I will pull the trigger on something more expensive around 170 up to 200 dollars price range and because of native DSD support.
Currently my top pick is Xuelin ihifi800, primarily because of rockbox support.
But today I noticed that preorder started for XDUOO X10, which will maybe too have support for rockbox also in near future I hope.
So the main thing is because I don't possess great wisdom and experience on these chips that these two offers, I am asking if someone can help me out.
XDUOO X10 doesnt have any real reviews now so this will mostly be specs war.
Please wise experienced hifiers provide me some insight so I can choose better.
One of things is that is pulling string for X10 is that it is new device, and for ihifi800 is mainly rockbox on high value chips.
Here is info on specs for both players so you dont have to search.
Output power: 240mW @ 32‎Ω /THD+N<0.0025%
THD+N: 0.0016%
S/N: 112dB
CPU: Ingenic JZ4760B
Low pass filter: OPA 1612
Buffer: LMH6643
Xuelin ihifi800:
AMP: Max 9722

Decoding: ES9018K2M

I/V: LME49726 * 2

Power: LME49726

LPF: OPA1662

Earphone output power: 105mw+105mw/32ohm

Channel unbalance≤ 0.5dB (1 KHz)

Channel separation :More than 95dB (1 KHz)

Frequency response :20Hz ~ 20 KHz (+0/-2.5dB)

Total harmonic distortion plus noise≤ 0.006% (1 KHz)


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