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NEW XDUOO X serie DAP-X20, X10+ & X3+. XDUOO Are on FIRE!!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by NymPHONOmaniac, Dec 14, 2017.

What would be an interesting feature to have in a TOTL Xduoo DAP?

  1. Dual hifi DAC

  2. More internal memory

  3. changeable battery

  4. more DAC filter for soundsignature

  5. changeable amps

  6. android touchscreen

  7. wifi & bluetooth

  8. USB DAC

  9. radio

  10. xlr balanced output

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  1. XVortex
    Hi all.
    Custom firmware based on xDuoo X20 firmware v1.2 is ready.

    - English and Russian language strings and GUI offsets was corrected;
    - Highly optimized graphics, fonts and binaries for maximum speed;
    - Music Library limit was increased to 30000 songs.

    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
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  2. seanwee
    Which model is this for?
  3. XVortex
    ouch... xDuoo X20.
    the SAME thing for xDuoo X3ii: Link
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
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  4. duaned
    Can the X20 EQ function when using APTX capable headphones using Bluetooth?
  5. jaxz
    Works great, thank you very much.
  6. Caddman
    99% works great, really appreciate the 30k change (my 256gb card currently has 22,500 tracks)

    One issue though, I'm trying to manually build playlists, have tried a few different formats (based on X3 (original) rockboxed playlists) and various emails with xduoo's help desk. none work.

    It will see the m3u8 files, it "sees" the list of music (in directories on the tf card) , but when you try to play anything, it says "Play failed, No Files"

    could you provide the layout the m3u8 files need to be in?
  7. sechsterangriff
    I've been using MediaMonkey to sync music with no issues with extended m3u playlists. It let's me rename files, artwork, tags, etc on the fly while syncing.
    #EXTINF:288,Asia - Only Time Will Tell
    ..\Music\Asia - Asia\02 Only Time Will Tell.flac
    #EXTINF:272,Daryl Hall & John Oates - Maneater
    ..\Music\Daryl Hall & John Oa - H2O\04 Maneater.flac
    #EXTINF:228,A-Ha - Take On Me
    ..\Music\A-Ha - Hunting High And Low\01 Take On Me.flac
    #EXTINF:295,New Order - Elegia
    ..\Music\New Order - Low-Life\Bo Elegia.flac
    #EXTINF:1049,New Order - Elegia (full length un-edited)
    ..\Music\New Order - Low-life (Remastered 2008) CD2\Bo Elegia (full length .flac
    #EXTINF:291,Japan - Quiet Life
    ..\Music\Japan - Quiet Life\07 Quiet Life.flac
    #EXTINF:288,Billy Idol - Rebell Yell
    ..\Music\Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (24K+Gold HDCD, AFZ 036)\03 Rebell Yell.flac
    #EXTINF:207,Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
    ..\Music\Joy Division - The Best of Joy Division\08 Love Will Tear Us Ap.m4a
    #EXTINF:310,Europe - The Final Countdown
    ..\Music\Europe - The Final Countdown (Japan 2013, Japan BSCD)\06 The Final Countdown.flac
    #EXTINF:221,Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me with Science
    ..\Music\Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age Of Wireless (CDP 7 46009 2)\15 She Blinded Me with .flac
    #EXTINF:208,Kim Wilde - Kids In America
    ..\Music\Kim Wilde - The Hits Collection\10 Kids In America.flac
    #EXTINF:342,Midge Ure - The Man Who Sold The World
    ..\Music\Various - The Man Who Sold The World\12 The Man Who Sold The.flac
    #EXTINF:291,Laura Branigan - Gloria
    ..\Music\Laura Branigan - The Platinum Collection\11 Gloria.flac
    #EXTINF:340,Spandau Ballet - True
    ..\Music\Spandau Ballet - The Story - The Very Best Of (Deluxe Edition) [CD1]\13 True.flac
    #EXTINF:249,Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Single Version)
    ..\Music\Ultravox - The Very Best Of Ultravox\16 Dancing With Tears I.flac
    #EXTINF:226,Kajagoogoo - Too Shy
    ..\Music\Kajagoogoo - White Feathers\09 Too Shy.flac
    #EXTINF:218,The Cure - Friday I'm in Love
    ..\Music\The Cure - Wish\14 Friday I'm in Love.flac
    #EXTINF:201,Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
    ..\Music\Dead Or Alive - Youthquake\05 You Spin Me Round (L.flac
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2018
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  8. Caddman
    with the stock rom, or the updated one in xVortx's link?
  9. sechsterangriff
    xDuoo X20 firmware v1.2 but it shouldn't matter.
  10. Caddman
    apparently it does.

    on the X3ii using xVortex's rom, and the format of

    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\01-Summer Of Love.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\02-Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\03-Housework.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\04-Detour Thru Your Mind.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\05-Wig.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\06-Theme For A Nude Beach.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\07-Ain't It A Shame.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\08-Juicy Jungle.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\09-Communicate.mp3
    ..\mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\10-She Brakes For Rainbows.mp3

    when using Music Library -> TF Card -> (above m3u file, in root of card) i get a blank playlist

    when i use a file format of
    mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\01-Summer Of Love.mp3
    mp3\B52s\Bouncing off Satellites\02-Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland.mp3


    then i get the results shown in the jpgs below
    a-4.jpg a-5.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
  11. Caddman
    oops, duplicate, removed
  12. maxifuny
    Xduoo X10 mk2 (X10 II ) ESS9018, like X20


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  13. seanwee
    Lol it has a windows key XD
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  14. Dexter22
    1. What is the improvement in sound compared to the orginal x10?
    2. Does it have the no-gapless-playback?
    3. Does it have the playback speed error?
  15. Dexter22
    I see there is an improvement in the memory card slot part :D
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