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  1. kdphan
    recent owner of the W80 here.

    I thought the andromeda was perfect for me but I think I like the W80 better. They are a tad warmer than the Andromeda but better bass overall due to better seal.

    I can say w/o any doubt that these are the best fitting universal IEM i've owned.

    While the clarity isn't up there with the Jomo Samba that I own as well, everything else just fits my musical taste (classic rock, R&B, blues and jazz). I can't believe Westone is able to fit 8 drivers into this tiny shell.

    Alo reference 8 cable that comes with it is a plus as well.
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  2. Pott
    Hi all; it's tough to find reviews or impressions on these monitors on these forums, so I'm hoping the Folks in here will!

    I'm considering buying a sub $300 Earphones, to use with Spotify Extreme + DragonflyRed when I travel. I listen mostly to extreme metal styles (Technical Death metal, Melodeath, Black Metal) and softer metal like thrash or Power Metal.
    I was hesitating between the NuForce HEM4s, Shure SE425s, and the W20s.

    I have a pair of UM1s which are my usual backup travel earphones; they're comfortable, isolate well, and sound good to me. However they're extremely different from the W20s, so I'm trying to avoid the flawed 'I know the brand's sound signature' reasoning here.
    Do the W20s sound like something that would work with this Source + styles? Thanks!

    (note: I am not at all interested in spending more, hence no W30s, 40s etc... Additionally, without lossless, spending that much money will just reveal more flaws in files)
  3. twister6 Contributor
    I don't have experience with UM1/W10/W20, but have reviewed and compared UM10/20/30/50 in details here. UM Pro is different from W series, but perhaps can give you a relative comparison between the models and what to expect?
  4. Pott
    Actually I did, thank you so much for it! It's part of why I'm definitely ready to go from the 10s to the 20s, but not the 30s: more accurate tone and larger shell would mean I'd spend more time worried about comfort or focusing on source inaccuracies. So it was super useful :)
  5. twister6 Contributor
    I assume you are nowhere near upcoming CanJam London or can wait until later this year RMAF? Westone does attend some of these shows, you can audition all their iems, and maybe even ask about show discount or any special deals.
  6. Pott
    Unfortunately, neither, I'm in Seattle. A city not known for its hi-fi vibe, quite the opposite in fact :p

    I ordered the W20s. We shall see!
  7. twister6 Contributor
    Do share your impressions here, please, once you receive it! I'm sure there are others in the same boat, so it will be helpful.
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  8. Pott
    I shall, to the best of my limited abilities!

    It was a tough choice; the Shure is a sure-value (ha...), and the iBasso is getting rave reviews. But I didn't want to invest in the balanced cable + a balanced source to match, and I've already owned a Westone product while I've 0 experience with Shure. Time will tell whether this was indeed the wise choice.
  9. Smurfs2010
    Shure 425 is a nice IEM, excellent vocals but a little light on bass. And Shure cable is too thick and clunky to work with. I have a lot of Westone IEMs and had the 425, I think you'll be happy with the Westone.
  10. twister6 Contributor
    I think this is will be more appropriate in W-Series thread since @BKG22 just spilled the beans about W-series refresh in UM Pro thread here.

    Metal clips!!! Yeah!!! :D Also, looks like Bluetooth cable will be included too. And if I'm not mistaken, Feb 15th is when it's going to be revealed, assuming CanJam NYC.

    and new B30 and B50 iems.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  11. VeritasAequitas
    Can anyone tell me what the differences are between the old W40/W60 and the new W40/W60?
  12. twister6 Contributor
    We don't know yet. I attended CanJam NYC yesterday, and they only had v1 of W-series. v2 is not available for sale yet, but should be very soon. Once I receive v2 samples, I will start working on impressions and reviews. For now, Westone suggested that sound should stay the same, while there are upgrades in terms of metal faceplates and a bonus Bluetooth cable.

    ... I will answer your PM separately.
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  13. davidcotton
    Seems like a bit of a missed opportunity for Westone there. Could understand not having any on sale but could at least of got some demos sorted.
  14. twister6 Contributor
    After the 2nd week of March, that's what I have been told. In addition to questions about W80/W60 sound differences between v1 and v2, i received quite a few now if B30 will sound the same as W30, or will have more bass. I'm curious about this one as well.
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