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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. NinjaHamster
    I'm pretty sure - given Schiit's track record - that this amplifier punches well above its weight ... even if it isn't the "absolute best" so many people, amazingly, wished for ...
  2. jexby
    have you ever answered what tubes are in your Lyr ? ?
    Inquiring minds want to know.  including my ears on Straffe Hendrik quad.
  3. NinjaHamster
    I think he experimented with several quite expensive tubes - not that that necessarily means much.
  4. olor1n
    Lol. Nice edit.
  5. purrin
     I did (the stock JJs) but it got buried in the posts. 
  6. NinjaHamster
    LOL - I knew you would understand ... just "shiit stirring".  I'm bored [​IMG]
  7. painted klown
    I have not heard any tube or tube hybrid amps, neither full size, or headphone related.
    From my very limited understanding, the biggest difference between a "full" tube design and a hybrid design has to do with the output stage(s)? Not 100% sure about that, nor really sure how much that can influence the way an amp ultimately sounds.
    Good deal. I know everyone has their own opinions, that are all influenced by their past experiences and personal tastes. I like to read a lot of reviews/opinions on gear before making a purchase, as I feel "conventional wisdom" on a certain piece will let me know if a particular bit of kit will suit my tastes and needs. I suppose I do have a tendency to "put more stock" into reviews that come from experienced users though.

    Right now I only have three sets of 'phones. Skullcandy Aviators, Grado SR80i, and Senn HD-598. Ultimately, however I plan to get a set of Senn HD-650s. From my understanding, the Vali would not be a good amp for my current phones, as they are all easy to drive. For them, I plan to use the built in amplifier on the Emotiva DC-1 DAC (which I plan to order Monday 12/02/13).
    My plan is to get the HD-650s before I buy a dedicated HP amp to use with the Emo as purely a DAC.
    I had been thinking a Little Dot before I stumbled across this amp. Not sure what would be the best way to go.
  8. jexby
    I'm no expert, but I'd hoped you'd tube rolled a bit to get the best out of out the the Lyr?
    before exclaiming that the Vali had the leg up on micro dynamics and details.
    my selection =
    Lyr + Ediswan (or RTC) for me at home with Concero HD
    Vali and BiFrost Uber at work.
  9. purrin
    Na... I've grown to hate tube rolling. One starts to develop OCD and listen to tubes instead of music. Some of those tubes start to get expensive (like costing almost as much as the amp), which kind of defeats the Lyr's low price. All of a sudden, the Lyr is no longer a $350 amp. $1865 dollars later in NOS tubes, and I've finally found something that I really like... oh wait, there's more tubes I need to try...
  10. painted klown

    The good thing about doing the comparisons with the stock tubes is that it gives the readers of the review a solid point of reference. As tubes can drastically alter the way an amp sounds, and not everyone has access to the same combos, I feel it was a good idea.
    Does that mean the Vali is "better" than the Lyr when you roll in different/better tubes? I don't know, but with non-stock tubes for a comparison, only a few people would know the reviewers reference point.
    I hope that makes sense, and doesn't come across as confrontational. Just tossing out my 2 cents. [​IMG]
  11. eke2k6
    My 2c re: this whole DAC and too expensive discussion:
    Every hobby will have this discussion because of the simple nature of diminishing returns. You pay exponentially increasing prices for similarly decreasing performance increments. Even then, there will be arguments  about whether these changes are improvements after all. One man's "clearer and more defined" will be another man's "etched and unnatural".

    BUT the biggest effect that going deeper into a hobby has on the psyche is how much we're willing to shell out for improvements. I remember when I was hesitant to drop $80 on a Shure SE215, and even the $150 to upgrade to the GR07...and those were no small differences. Now $400 extra is acceptable for small refinements here and there. I've seen people drop $1,000 on speaker amps for headphones because they think they power them better, when the amp's sound signature was just a little bassier than their current amp and/or they didn't volume match when listening.
    My advice is to take a step back and also get into another hobby. Having a fresh set of eyes for something else really help reset the way you look at your current obsessions. My new one is photography. 
    It's like when you spend so much time obsessing over one girl/guy, thinking they're perfect...then someone else comes along and gives you the time of day. That person you were obsessing over before becomes a bit less perfectif that makes any sense.
  12. jexby
    agreed. a stable reference point is key for an apples vs apples (stock vs. stock) compare.
    it's good that Purrin revealed it as such.
    that being said, (to my ears) it (stock vs. stock) is not the end game comparison at all however.
    and if a few people realize that also- well all the better IMHO.
    painted klown likes this.
  13. NinjaHamster
    This is true.  Some people get lucky, however - Example: I only spent twice the Lyr's cost on tubes. I AM now happy ... whether one is using their OCD to listen to tubes or transistors, HDAM's or "the mellifluous magnificence of the perfect which may be imagined"; one is never truly satisfied.  
    There is ALWAYS something else to try, whether tube or solid-state ... this is no unidimensional argument as might have been suggested ... one is always listening to "gear" and comparing to other "gear" ... real or imagined ... the whole POINT about the Holy Grail is that it does not exist and CAN not exist ... let's not now stoop to the level that we are reducing that to some brainless "tubes vs. solid-state" debate.  
    The search would go on regardless, as we are not saying "either/"or" to the right things, and we cannot ... EVER...- the concept of "infinity" exists for a reason, and that is that we know we can never comprehend all there is to comprehend, and if we did, we'd probably all commit suicide anyway as there would be nothing left to do or ponder  ...  I leave you on that cheery thought ...
  14. hans030390
    This is why computer hardware (for gaming rigs) is my go-to hobby. While the law of diminishing returns applies, at least I know exactly what I'll be getting with my money. Trying to apply the same type of objectivity to audio just isn't that simple.
    Now, bring up the topic of whether it's better to have good colors, contrast ratio, etc. (overall picture quality) on a monitor or better motion in the form of a higher refresh rate, lower pixel response time, lower input lag, etc. (essentially IPS vs TN), and you'll get a bunch of nerds to have debates not unlike what you'll see with audio.
    On the downside, I know almost any investment in my computer will literally be obsolete within 2-5 years. You don't see to many folks gaming on vintage computers.
  15. kstuart
    Actually, my experience so far with the Vali is just the opposite.
    Meaning that it is a very good amp for headphones that are easy to drive - such as the Grado SR80i and Senn HD-598 (although I do not have either of those on hand, sorry).
    Also, I don't have the HD650s either, but my understanding is that they are not "hard to drive", but rather "require some sort of amp to sound its best", and that would probably also apply to the HD-598.
    (Again, I don't have any of those three on hand and so have not tried them on the Vali.)
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