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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. TheDuke990

    Maybe my question was not good.
    You will get the ringing when you rap the case or hit it. Okay but do get it during changing the volume level as well because of touching the Vali.

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  2. bearFNF Contributor

    Yes, the ringing can happen anytime you touch the Vali (change volume, plug in headphones, etc), IME.
  3. Skooks
    Let me say to begin with... I don't have a Vali... yet. But I will soon. I have owned a lot of Schiit before and enjoyed each and everyone. Right now I am enjoying playing my HE-500's straight out of my Oppo 105. Or, playing CD's with the Oppo and going digitally into my Peachtree Audio Decco 65. Let me just say, as this is not the post to be talking about other products than the Vali, if you don't have an Oppo 105 for any number of reasons, you should consider this awesome machine on your next shopping spree. It is the most versatile single audio, and of course video, device on the planet. 
    Now, back to the Vali, which as I said, I will buy soon just to see what all the fuss is about... both pros and cons. But, in the meantime, let me offer you Schiit Vali owners a tip that I learned before most of you were born. Go to your local gun and ammo dealer and buy a bag of lead shot. Lay that bag right on top of the Vali. It will dampen out all, or most all, cabinet induced ringing. I've used bags of lead shot on almost everything... even on top of speakers. And, if the esthetics bother you, just wrap the lead shot bags with the material of your choice... or your wife's choice. Then listen to the difference.
    That's my shot of the day...
  4. zilch0md
    I get it, but overheating could be a problem...
  5. Nic Rhodes
    cabinet induced ringing isn't the issue though, it is the internals of the tube and there is little that can be done that hasn't been done by Schiit already. It is the nature of these tubes, very different from octals and 7 / 9 pins.
  6. Skooks
    Negative on a heating problem... the lead shot actually dissipates the heat... like a sponge soaking up water, the lead shot absorbs heat and vibration.
  7. Skooks
    If cabinet issues are not part of the problem, then why do many manufactures of audio amps, DACs and etc put dampening material on the inside of the top of the cabinet? But, all you have to do is tap around on the cabinet and hear the response of the tubes. Dampening out the cabinet will eliminate most of the vibrations from reaching the tubes. 
    Now, if you have not tried it, then don't say it won't help. It is induced vibrations that cause the tubes to ring.
    You can also put some heavy brass weights that can be purchased from most hifi dealers to dampen the cabinet. But, lead shot works better... I know, I've got both. Also, those brass dampeners cost a whole lot more than a bag of lead shot.
  8. Nic Rhodes
    I have had both heavy metal dampening (sold for loudspeaker stand dampening) and sorbothane on the Vali which is why i said I think Schiit have done pretty much all they can. I have also experimented with valve dampening. It is what it is. Some of the other sub minatures like 6111 can be damped by a gromit.
  9. leesure

    I find it is fine. No noise, nice synergy.
  10. leesure

    Sorbathane might help a small amount by reducing transmission of small vibrations to the tubes, but the issue is not cabinet based. It is the internal mechanics of the tube that are ringing. If any vibration is transferred to the tubes, they will ring regardless of the dampening...internal or external.
  11. leesure
    Got my production Vali today. I had a prototype for my meet in October and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    The current one does seem to ring a bit more on turn on and headphone insertion, but it dies of in 30-40 secs.

    I have it connected to my turntable and it's the bees knees! The ever-so-slightly warm signature is a great match for the bright Ortofon OM5e cartridge. I'm loving the setup through my LCD-X's.
  12. roflaly
    Hey guys, sorry if this was asked earlier in the thread but would you recommend this amp or the Magni with a HiFi Sabre DAC and a 598?
  13. Skooks
    You say it is "the internal mechanics of the tube that are ringing."
    And then in your next statement you say "if any vibration is transferred to the tubes, they will ring..."
    So, my question is... where does that "any vibration" come from? It has to come from somewhere. Does it come when it is sitting perfectly still on a solid surface with nothing going on... just the amp on and tube glowing? Certainly not! Something has to make the vibration. What makes it? Either loud external music or noise or shock that vibrates the cabinet... that's where the vibration comes from... the cabinet. That's true whether it's the speaker cabinet or equipment cabinet. You must dampen out all vibration or it will go thru out the unit and to the tube. That makes the tube ring.
    Why is the tube in the Vali damped or stuck down with whatever... to help keep vibrations from ringing the tubes... external vibrations from the cabinet. So, if you put a heavy bag of lead shot... the weight plus the properties of the lead shot dampen out all or nearly all vibrations. With no vibrations... no tube ringing. That should be pretty simple.
    Boy, now I'm shot! I'll go listen to some good music with no ringing.
  14. Xyzygy
    Now, if you have not tried it with the Vali, don't say it will help :wink:
    leesure likes this.
  15. thievesarmy
    FWIW, I got my Vali last week - my first tube amp and it was, as they say, an experience. I'm new to hi fi / audiophile gear but this was the first time that I really said to myself "wow, that sounds incredible". I should also mention that I was pairing it with a Dragonfly, but still - the Vali is a killer amp and I absolutely love the sound coming out of it. 
    Also since the ringing issue seems to be getting a lot of discussion, I wanted to say mine does not seem to have this issue at all, but it was a well documented thing that the Schiit boys were completely up front about, so everyone should be aware of it. I was prepared to experience it but didn't think it would be a real issue - but thankfully I have been fortunate that I am not experiencing it at all.
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