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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. jaywillin

    and i ended up giving that g3 to another headfi'er, when he bought some stuff from me, its out there somewhere !!
  2. jpalenzuela
    I am getting this amp with the modi. How will it perform paired with SR80i and ms2? This amp adds warmth? I thaught it was better to get the monoprice rca cables but they have really bad reputation about they don't fit. Anyone have tested them? Will I notice any difference between the PYST schiit USB cable and monoprice cable?
  3. benjaminhuypham
    I think I will probably get Vali first and Loki later to pair with HD600, which is being arrived to my house next 2 weeks. Any thoughts on the combo, everyone?
  4. dremic
    how do people feel about this amp in comparison to the magni? I was thinking about getting an amp for work 
  5. thegunner100

    Well the loki is a DSD processor... did you mean the modi?  

    I think there were some comparisons some page back. But for the most part it seems like the general consensus is that the Vali is better than the magni for high impedance cans, and while it works well for orthos, people seem to prefer the magni for orthos. Of course, the magni will do a much better job with IEMs due to its lower impedance and floor noise.
  6. dremic
    what would be considered high impedance? 
    right now I am using Sennheiser 558s..
    if the vali is better for these headphones id take the magni to work and leave the vali at home. 
  7. thegunner100

    Usually the 250 or 600 ohm beyers, or the hd600/650/800. 
    Considering that people here have said that the vali is a good pairing with the hd598, which are very similar to the 558, I think it should be fine. But it would be best to listen for yourself and determine which one sounds better to your ears.
  8. theOmni
    I'm about to buy the Vali but one thing concerning me is the ringing noise people speak of. I saw some posts back that opening up the amp and pushing down the tubes helped. But even without doing that, is the ringing constant and always there even when listening to music or does it subside at some point?
  9. dremic
    hey thanks for your help man. I am new to this aspect of sound. I am still learning a lot.
    It's there for a few seconds when you turn it on, mine rings like 15 seconds. Some people report it when they change the volume, but mine has never done that. It's not there all the time. It's nothing to worry about, and just a minor quibble for a product at this price point. 
  11. Mshenay
    It's not as much of an issue as time goes on, the newer models seem to have less noise over the older ones. That say, you could like others wait till the New Year, I'd say now that the Holiday rush is over the next batch should be fine, my unit in the #5xx is more than quiet 
    As far as ringing goes, seeing as it is  tube, the best thing to do it turn it on plug in your phones and let it warm up. after 3-4 mins your good to go 
  12. thegunner100
    As part of the first batch, SN# 000162, mine has a little bit of floor noise with the hd800. However, it is not audible unless I am playing at a low volume, or with quiet music. The adhesive on mine isn't the greatest but the tubes somewhat stay in place. There's not much ringing on my hd800s since I don't really touch the amp itself, only for the occasional volume change. 

  13. theOmni

    Thanks a lot guys! I feel a lot more comfortable going through with this purchase. I'll order it some time tomorrow!
  14. blasjw
    I got mine from Amazon recently (S/N 000974) and after tapping on it I get a very faint ring only on the right channel which dissipates in under about 30 sec.
  15. mikemercer
    I just got mine!!
    I heard about the chassis/tube resonance issue...
    I hear they're addressing it - all they need to do really is strap on a tube ring,
    or maybe get some better damping material between the chassis and the tube
    Haven't tapped to check it out yet,
    but it sure sounds DAMN good thus far...
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