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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Barry S
    I just checked and both of the tubes in my Vali have erections. It seems like my microphonics performance is middle of the pack, but I'm super careful when I plug in or change the volume.  Not sure if it's worth pushing the tubes down.
  2. tdockweiler
    ^ let the tubes rest a bit and that goes away
  3. Barry S

    I'm playing some baseball broadcasts through them to see if that helps.
    o_O  I never turn my 598 past 8. You must be blowing things out at 12. 
  5. SMG52
    What music are you playing? [​IMG]
  6. Mshenay
    Oh I will, and honestly I have no desire to listen to the Vali with my DT 880, the Balnced DT 880 with the NF 10ES2 is well it's most epic, that said I really got the Vali for my W1000x, which after modding really needs a tube to help retain it's intimacy! THe mod REALLY opened up teh sound stage of the W1000x, but it's still very intimate, and the details on it are fantastic. But I miss a little of the warmth from my old M Stage and my oDac. SO the NFB's super detailed DAC+ the Vali should make for an very happy w1000x, which isn't UBER sensitive so let's hope the noise isn;t an issue 
    Going back to the W1000x. I do plan on getting them balanced, but before I do that I wanted to hear the Vali first. Plus I want to see if I really do like Tube for the W1000x, most of the issues I have with my SE NFB are that it's a touch to dry for the alrady very sterile w1000x. My w1000x really SHINES on my HM801 and Pb1, so I assume the Vali should add that extra touch of warmth and wetness that the HM801 imparts through it's PCM dac 
    That said, being a HUGE dt 880 fan, and seeing the vali as really the FIRST WORTHY Hybrid tube for the DT 880 [I tried INdeed G3, I tried a Hand BUilt Millet Hybrid, both where nice but both fell apart in a few months] I'm egar to see how the Vali performs with the DT 880,  simply so that I can recommended to other users :3, plus I just got an offic job, so I kinda need a work Set up, and having both open and closed cans at work would be a good idea SO hence the vali, which will work nicely for the dt 880 and w1000x I think
    Non the less impressions to follow shortly :D
  7. CEE TEE
    Okay, only played with it a bit so far but the lower pitched ringing is definitely reduced a LOT.  There is still some high-pitched ringing with certain impacts but it is much better now and subsides or with my hand palming the unit from the top it can disappear even faster.  Plugging in phones no longer causes "self-sustaining" ringing and is much better.  Brushing against/hitting the power switch or catching the back corners seem to be the worst offenders now.
    Other good news is that I am purposefully typing on a glass desk right next to the Vali with just the rubber feet.  <Slight> ringing if I hit very hard but not even noticeable with music on.  Turning volume still causes some slight ringing.  Much better now, good times...
    Here is after re-affixing it to the foam pads:
    purrin and TheGame like this.
  8. JoeKickass
    Yup, I had one erect one flat lol, but I also noticed it helped reduce microphonics, glad to get confirmation on this easy fix!
    Yeah I only turned it that high to try to hear detail in the quiet bits, normal listening is 8 to 9 o'clock for me
  9. Barry S
    That's an interesting observation because with the HD650s, the treble isn't recessed at all. In fact, it's some of the best treble I've heard from them--some nice sparkle and good definition. The Vali is the most neutral amp I've heard from Schiit, including the Mjolnir, Lyr, and Magni. It does have a (mild) tube character, but it's not really warmth. The Lyr is warm and the Vali is not a mini-Lyr by any stretch. It may be the Vali's neutrality that makes it difficult to predict how it's going to behave with any given DAC/headphone combination. The Lyr is going to be warm with just about any headphone and the Mjolnir is going to be a little bright. The Vali though, not very predictable (other than the intimate soundstage).
  10. Mshenay
    So what exactly did you do? Push the tube straight down, and lay it atop a foam pad. How did you get the Tube to stay on top of the foam pad with out going erect again! 
  11. tdockweiler
    That's my experience as well (bolded part), but only with my two K400s and the Q701. I didn't get the same results as you with the HD-650 and just want to forget that experience. Not sure what was going on.
    So far i've only tried the Magni and Asgard 1 and 2. Asgard 1 I had for over a year. Magni sounded close to being dead neutral, but O2 was slightly closer. Vali/Micro with my AKGs are even one step further.
    I remember saying the Vali sounded almost identical to how my other amp sounded and that thing is pretty close to how an O2 sounds. The neutrality of the Vali (with the correct headphones) isn't like an O2 though, but has slightly fuller mids and smoother treble. You can easily get the Vali to change it's tune with different tracks.
    When I heard the Q701 + Vali the soundstage also seemed fine. I was enjoying my music and not really analyzing soundstage width and depth at the time [​IMG]
    Q701 + Vali sounded good on every source I had too!
    BTW despite what some say, the Vali with the AKGs didn't add warm/coloration to the sound. It is slightly fuller/smoother than say how it is from an O2, but still mostly uncolored.
  12. purrin
    Well, that makes me pretty happy. I've sort of keep tabs on people's rigs and it's nice to see you "graduate" up to the HD800. This is  just the beginning. The HD800s keep scaling up and up and up. The Vali and WA7 are just starter amps. There's stuff out there which will leave them in the dust. As you now have discovered, the internal DAC in the WA7 isn't all that great.
  13. Mshenay
    that said, this mircophonic thing might get to me... my HE 400 cable was LOUD but I got over it, how ever... the bend the tubes down and place em on foam seems smart... how did you guys keep the tubes down on the Foam
  14. purrin
    Hard to offer advice without additional information. What did you not like about Magni with HE400? Too bright? To sterile? If so then you may like the Vali hybrid amp which has smoother treble and is warmer.
    DO NOT USE Vahalla with low impedance cans like orthos. The Vahalla output impedance is almost as high if not higher. It will sound bad. I have tried it for fun just to see. Just a bad idea and even Schiit recommends against this on their website.
  15. Mshenay
    ... here's to hoping the Vali isn't too mirco phonic with my desk and what not 
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