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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Mshenay
    SO little ppl own the Vali atm, mines on it's way thank u
    oh and ur contribution is part of the ëverything else"<3
  2. Barry S
    Just a gentle reminder to keep this thread on topic--not directed at you, man. [​IMG]
  3. quovadis123
    I assume VALI is the Vahalla from Schiit?
  4. Mshenay
    Oh I know, I'm just in that mood :D
    whining about the thread de railing is still derailing
    ehm that said, I'm recommending the Vali to DT 880 owners... let's hope I don't end up with my foot in my mouth, however I've heard a number of ppl have positive results already! Let's ope I can confrim it 
  5. jevans2025

    Nope, this is the vali. http://schiit.com/products/vali

    A new small hybrid tube amp with long lasting non rollable internal pencil tubes.
  6. mhamel
    The Valhalla is actually quite a bit different.    The Vali is a hybrid, where the Valhalla is all tube.  As such, it really prefers higher impedance cans.   Also, the newer Valhallas do allow tube rolling.
    This is a Vali thread, so I don't want to stray too far off of the thread subject, but as a way to get into tube rolling, the Starlight/Sunrise/Horizon/Ember amps are nice,  too.  They are flexible with tube support and only require rolling a single tube rather than a pair.  I believe Starlight can also roll op amps.
    Staying within the Schiit family, though... With the right pairing of cans, the Valhalla would be a good step, as would the Lyr.
  7. JoeKickass
    Got my HD 558's! I did the foam mod and noticed them open up a bit, but to be honest they're the best headphones I've heard so it's hard to notice if the mod helped any... they already sounded great! I'm hearing things I never knew were there, and re-hearing parts that I thought I knew! 
    But the Vali just laughs at them: I never have to turn the volume past 12, bass is powerful, and compared to straight out of the DAC there is a noticeable increase in dynamic clarity, instruments sound more "separate" and clear if that makes any sense. 
    I bet the Vali would pair great with ortho's like the he-400, but these hd 558's are sooo comfortable for long sessions [​IMG] 
  8. hmorneau
    Yes, I'm currently listening to the Vali with the DT880. I prefer the sound of the DT880 then the T1 on the Vali.
    Personally I think the sound stage of the Vali is very small, so when I plug the T1 the sound stage doesn't become bigger. So basically the sound stage of the Vali is on par with what the DT880 can deliver.
    Also, the DT880 600ohm are not really sensitive, so you won't have much problem with the micro dynamics.
    I personally think the Vali is a bit on the warm side and the DT880 is not, so the Vali make the DT880 sound a bit warmer which is a good thing, In fact it's the first time I'm enjoying those DT880. On the treble, the Vali is a bit recessed (dark sounding), and the DT880 is a bright headphone, so they match very well. You don't get any sibilance, I just listened to Melody Gardot (Our love is easy) to make sure, and I must say it's impressive.
    With the T1, the bass sound uncontrolled. With some track (like those with string) the T1 sound better then DT880 on the Vali, but overall I think the DT880 do a better job. 
    For the DAC thing, I have the chance of having a good dac (I'm the type who buy once, it's cheaper in the long run). That being said, I'm pretty sure having a good DAC is important, when I plugged my Vali in my cellphone it was terrible :p
    Let me know what you think of the Vali with your DT880 when you get it.
  9. TheGame
    Last few listening sessions I have had with the Vali and HD 650's I have noticed the microphonics much more. The first few days I listened to the Vali, there was the initial microphonics at start up but that was it. Now I have noticed a similar issue in which @rreifsn had with his vali http://www.head-fi.org/t/685162/new-vali-schiit-amp/1995#post_10045197 except the ringing I get is in the left channel. After about 40 minutes, I'll get a constant ringing sound in the left channel, it is very low but you can notice it in a very silent part of a track or if you press stop on your source. Is this supposed to be normal? As the Vali is my first amp with tubes I am not sure how tube amps are supposed to behave in regards to microphonics other than what I have read in this thread. I found the only way to fix the constant ringing in the left channel is to turn off the Vali for about a minute, then turn it back on again. That seems to fix the issue until the next listening session and it starts over.
  10. Robobandit
    Mine doesn't have this problem.
    I'd say it's not normal.
  11. MickeyVee
    Let me get one thing off my chest before I get into my story.. Purrin, I hate you!!
    I spent the last two hours auditioning the Arcam irDAC and the Rega DAC with the Vali and HD800 (dind't want to take my Woo in)..
    The Arcam DAC from a technology perspective is stunning.  iPad direct connectivity and control with the remote.. Check.  Nice option.  Same with USB connectivity to my MacBook Air.  It sounded really, really nice, lots of air and and detail but in the end, a little thin for me. From memory, maybe just a hair better than the Bifrost but with with less weight.  I asked if it was broken in and yes it was.
    Now, the Rega DAC and Vali.  First, I haven't been a big fan from a technology perspective especially in its USB implementation but what the heck, I tried it anyway.  Holy cr@p, wow!! First of all, I'm not a detail monster and I like a nice rich, full sound with good weight and detail and the Rega delivered that is spades. One of my test tracks is Patricia Barber's Black Magic Woman. Well, it was like having front row seats in a smokey bar enjoying a good single malt and some fabulous music.  It did not have the air and detail of the Arcam, though it did have it in sufficient quantity.  It just blew me away.  Placement of the instruments were precise and focused.  Nothing lacking for me other that giving up a little soundstage.  If you're a precision detail monster, forget the Rega. 
    The store was not busy so the owner and a few salespeople hand a listen.  All were impressed and asked about the Vali.  Kind of nuts using a $1K DAC and $1.5K headphones with a $119 amp and did the amp deliver in spades.  With the other DAC's, I found I could drive the Vali into distortion but not so with the Rega.. can't figure that one out but OK, I'm good with that. This combo is the absolute best I have heard from the HD800.
    I was hoping, almost planning to go in, audition and come out with nothing knowing the Vali and WA7 were good enough for me.  I've been dealing with my sales guy for over a decade, told him the Rega was a little out of my snack bracket (was reconsidering the Bifrsot Uber again) but he came back with a price that was super.  So, now, I have the Rega DAC on order and should have it in a few days.
    So, Purrnin, your right (and I really don't hate you), the Vali does scale up incredibly with a decent DAC and I have found one that suits my listening style.  I'm definitely a tube guy.  Also can't wait to hear it with the WA7. This setup may be my end game.
    Jason & Schiit crew.. you pulled off a little marvel here.
    YMMV - opinions may vary based on source and headphones.
    purrin and Fearless1 like this.
  12. CEE TEE
    Okay, someone inspired me to pop the lid off too and my tubes were also at about a 45 degree angle and no longer stuck to the self-adhesive tube-damping foam pads.

    Possibly the amp's heat, or not enough time/pressure to adhere the tubes well, or shipping impact and vibration detached the tubes from the pads. I took shots but am without ability to post them from phone. Will post later. I can't recommend that anyone remove the four top screws and gently press the tubes against the pads with something other than their oily finger...but that is what I did and will check to see if the microphonics are greatly reduced. (I keep looking at the little red board with sharp-looking tubes on it though.)
  13. Robobandit
    Were you having problems with ringing in a particular channel that made you decide to open it?
    Will be interested to hear about your results!
  14. eccom
    Looking in trough the top, it does indeed seem like mine does have the left tube attached and the right at an angle. That is consistent with having ringing in the right but not the left channel.
  15. Redcarmoose

    Get your schiit together.
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