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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. DigitalFreak
    Why is it everywhere I go I can't stop running across someone ruining a thread with drama? I'm starting to understand why the ignore button is a valuable tool on here. Hey Marv, you really don't have to put up with rudeness. I'm beginning to use my ignore function more on here and I recommend you do too. In the end it's their loss not yours.
  2. Mshenay

    Glad ive avoided some of that

    also Im wondering where to put ny vali...
  3. DigitalFreak

    Put it as close at hand as possible
  4. DarknightDK
    I have been listening to the Vali with the HD800 on my main rig the past couple of days and I don't miss my WA22.
    The Vali is exceptionally good for its price. Great detail, micro dynamics and smooth
    While there are things the WA22 does better, the Vali is serious competition for its price.
    Will post more impressions when I get to compare both properly.
  5. What is the next logical step definitively UP from Vali in the tube arena? 
    Ember? Woo Audio something? Tremendously interested in tubes now (Don't know that I'm so interested in rolling, but will probably end up there anyway).
  6. Mshenay
    I would think the Valhalla actually. I hear it has a simmilar sound to the Vali, very non tube ish tube
    I would be willing to be the Vali is possibly a Mini Valhalla, assuming the two share... well [Non changeable tubes (or THE BEST tubes are already in it TUBES)}
    ANyways looking at the power specs of each, and the tube implimentatio and the sound chareteristics. I think the Valalla ought to be a nice logical step up. Maybe... honsetly 
  7. kazsud
    Good one
  8. Mshenay
    Hey buddy, wow you've been on head fi for a while huh, guess you tend to forget head fi's only rule... you know to not be an ass... but since you seems to know what's going on here maybe... I dunno you con contribute something useful here instead of well you know being an ass <3
    That said, I generally have no idea... I'm not a tube guy... and I'd have no idea what to upgrade the Vali with... any one have some suggestions :3 apprently mine was a little off ^^ 
  9. quovadis123
    Hi guys
    I just returned a Schiit Magni, and hifiman 400 headphones.
    The combination was not good.
    I am considering a Vahalla. 
    What tubes are best for listening to pop music? The standard tubes? Or do I have to change them?
    Also what headphones do you recommend with the Va?
    I still am searching for headphones that deliver plenty of bass, without distorting the other frequencies.
  10. ravager
    You will probably have better luck asking that question on a Vahalla thread. Sorry I can't help.
  11. Mshenay
    honestly I heard some positives things about the HE 400 with the Vali, I assume the Valhalla wouldn't be a bad math either, although not sure the OTL tube would have the current to deliver the KICK the HE 400 want. But to start with, let's move this to another thread, try making on in the "introductions forum"
    Still you might want to try the Vali and HE 400 before u move onto the Valhalla. Heck maybe even the HE 500 and the Vali! If you've got the extra $200 to spend on the Valhalla that is [assuming you don't get the Valhalla and use the $200 to instead get an HE 500 and Vali] 
  12. purrin
    Go full tubes, not hybrid. As far as definitive jumps.
    • $1190+ Woo WA 6SE (not the non SE). Generally not as tubey as some other tube amps. Overall slightly less wet than the Vali, but depends upon the tube. Zillions of tube rolling options which can drastically change the sound.
    • $1650 ECS7. Mix and match seven different 6SN7 tubes to your heart's desire. There are some secret non-standard tube/configurations which sound better. Kind of a drier tube sound - not particularly lush.
    • $2200 ECZD. OTL / highish impedance. Tubey luxurous euphonic sound . Pick one up used.
    One issue with full tubes: Possible not ideal matches with orthos with you want the ultimate bass control.
  13. nicdub
    If using planars, it seems most people feel the Lyr is the better option, as the Valhalla does not output enough power for lower impedance headphones (only 100mW at 50ohms per channel, according to Schiit's website).  My impression is the Valhalla is meant more for the Beyer and Senns, particularly the 600ohm and 300ohm versions.  I have experienced the Lyr with the HE-400, and it is quite nice, but I have no experience with the Valhalla, so take my post with a grain of sea salt.
  14. Mshenay
    Yes my HE 400 loved the exta power from the balanced ouf of my NFB 10ES2.... so a little more power might be a good idea honestly. 
  15. Barry S
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