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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. BournePerfect
    Why don't you listen for yourself, and let us know what you decide?
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  2. tomb
    Seems like I read purrin saying a while back that the microphonics might enhance the performance of the amp.
    It's also nice to know that it's better than the Lyr equipped with bad tubes.  Does bad mean microphonic or something else wrong with the tubes?
    Just curious, but has anyone done an analysis on the 18X factor?  It's good to know that a box greater than 18X larger in size will sound better.
  3. Solarium
    I'm able to return the Magni without a restocking fee, but the Vali I ordered directly from Schiit and it will incur a 15% restocking fee. If most people didn't have a good experience combining the Vali and HD650 I'd rather directly return the package without opening it (avoiding the restocking fee).
  4. Zuckfun
    The sound of the Lyr mirrors the tubes that are used. To give an assessment of this amp without tube rolling- without knowledge of it's full potential- seems to do a disservice to this piece of equipment.
  5. purrin
    tomb, just please stop being an jerk. It seems Schiit is taking care of their customers for the few units where this has happened. I believe that they raised the planned price point of the amp to take into account losses because of these issues related to tubes. These things happen with tubes, when they are old-stock pencil tubes or new production. I just purchased a set of four matched new production EML 45 meshes. One of them went bad. The supplier took care of it for me. Either way, it's not your call or my call on the reliability / profitability factor of these units. It's Schiit's.

    You already know this answer to this and "bad" was in reference to the new production JJ tubes which used to be provided with the Lyr. They are known to not sound very good on the Lyr. But you already know this.
    I'll be man enough to apologize to you for being an ass. Let's put our previous bad blood aside, stop our petty BS, and move forward from here. Maybe if we ever meet, I can buy you a beer or something. It has always been one of my desires to build one of the kits that you offer.
  6. tomb

    I already made the call about microphonics - several pages back in these posts.  You know it.
    As for "bad" tubes, it would be nice to have a more specific answer.
    You also neglected to explain how an 18X box size will sound better.
    Seriously, purrin - I have respected you in the past, too.  But you need to back off a bit.
  7. purrin
    Yes you called it. Now it's in Schiit's hands.
    As for bad tubes, when I said "bad JJ", I meant the JJ 6922/EC88CC. The "18X" was an obvious joke and a play on Jexby's post. I would have hoped that people would have understood that.
    Again, I'm sorry if I have offended you.
  8. tomb

    Well, I'm sorry if I have offended you, too, but it's not really personal.  For instance, I have an amp right now with JJ 6922 tubes.  IMHO, it sounds great.  Just what is wrong with them?
  9. MickeyVee
    Just as a reference point.. I've run the Vali for about 12 hours or so using the Woo WA7 DAC.  Really enjoyed the sessions I had with the Vali.  So, I switched back to the WA7 and the WA7 amp section is definitely superior to the Vali in pretty much every respect.  Not huge but definitely noticeable.  
    Lets do some really rough math:  Assuming the Woo WA7 price wise is 1/2 DAC and 2/3 amp that would put the price, with the EH tubes, at about $750. Vali $120 or the WA7 amp at roughly 6.25x the cost.  Is the WA7 6x better than the Vali.  Nope but it is noticeable better.. not going to put a number on it, that would be crazy.
    So, with exactly the same DAC, comparing amp to amp, the 18X factor fails :)
    The Vali is simply the best $100-$400 amp that I've heard and I've gone through my share of entry level stuff from the uDAC to the FiiO E17/E9 combo to the Matrix Mini-i to the Schiit Lyr plus a bunch of other stuff.  Good on Schiit.. they have a real winner here.
    What everyone is forgetting about is source and synergy.  My comments are based on the HD800 which is very different than my mix and match DAC, amp and headphones of yester year. YMMV.
    Just an ask for future posters.. please, please list your source/DAC and headphones
    Would I recommend the Vali with a decent DAC for the HD800 to get your feet wet with?  Hell yes!  Its a steal and a great beginning.
    Nuff said. Just going to sit back and enjoy for a while.
  10. purrin
    It's the context. I stated that I felt the Vali sounded better than the Lyr in certain characteristics (microdynamics / microdetail). Jexby countered that he felt he Lyr was better than the Vali in those areas and asked what tubes I was using with the Lyr. I stated the "stock JJs", which Jexby replied were not particularly good sounding compared to the specific old stock tubes which he was using. He also pointed out that Schiit is now offering NOS tubes with the Lyr now.
  11. jexby
    wait!  but what about an amp that is 28x times the cost but roughly 38X the size and wattage?!? [​IMG]
    all too hilarious.
    some folks here needs the chill pill.  have fun, enjoy the music and the Vali.
    really now.  did anyone expect a $119 amp with the myriad of headphones, DACs and computers y'all use would be end game for everyone one of us?
    no one thing is perfect for everything. (tm)
    that's my new head-fi motto.
  12. tomb

    Well, OK - that makes sense, but someone else reading these posts (me?) might think there's something wrong with JJ 6922 tubes ("bad?")
    Perhaps that's nit-picking and as you say, it's out of context to apply it somewhere else.  I still wonder about the claims and the tube microphonics.  If Schiit is having to replace entire amps (good for them!), I can't believe it will remain profitable over the long term.  But then again, maybe my sense about these tubes from talking to Pete is exaggerated.
    I apologize for dropping the bombs tonight and will go back to DIY.
  13. tdockweiler
    I'm really glad I at least got to try the Vali. It kind of has me interested in more hybrid tube amps.
    I should have just skipped it and tried the Lyr instead. Some say it's very warm (stock) and that scares me away.
    I'd probably replace the tubes with something that's more neutral. I know that it will never sound like an O2 [​IMG]
    I saw someone call the Valhalla transparent and I was like "What the heck?". Maybe that's a better idea.
    If I can get the Lyr to sound as similar as the Vali + Q701 then that's good enough for me.
    The major worry is getting the Q701 AND HD-650 to play well with the same amp.
    I'm in the Q701 thread a lot and rarely hear good impressions of the Lyr and Q701. Not sure why..
    If I ever get a Lyr I will not post impressions about it (probably a relief to some). My guess if I love a Schiit amp it'll be one of the most expensive models.
    If I don't like some of their stuff it's no big deal to me and just trade it or sell it.
    Audio Advisor has a 30 day guarantee and they're 1 hour away. Won't be for another few months.
    I wouldn't buy it without researching up on tubes though..who knows, I might love it stock.
    I think my leaner sounding DAC might be perfect for it as is.
    Sometimes when my brain tells me to avoid specific headphones/gear I sometimes end up loving it, but this is rare.
    The last case of that happening was the K712. Everyone told me i'd hate it but I liked it. Maybe the Lyr will end up like that?
  14. TheGame

    That's awesome news. I remember your post about the constant ringing on the right channel. Seems like Schiit took care of you really quickly, that's awesome. I've only had an issue once with the microphonics, I heard the ringing in the left channel and it stayed for a long time. All I did was turn off the unit for about a minute, then turned it back on. After I turned it back on the ringing lasted about 5-10 seconds then everything went silent again. No problems since. The only thing I do is about 10-20 minutes before a listening session I turn on the Vali and plug the headphones in and set them down. When it is time to listen, the Vali has had time to warm up, headphones were already plugged in, so I just put the headphones on and I never hear the microphonics at all with that one exception I mentioned earlier.
  15. Mshenay

    indeed lol i belive the one transformer in my Agd 10es2 weighs more than the vali xD I really only got the vali for my picky but sensitive 42 ohm w1000x
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