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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. hmorneau
    I'm currently listening to the Vali + DT880 @600ohms (which was back in his box). I'm smiling, more details on that later :)
    Listening to Keith don't go - Nils Lofgren
  2. purrin
    Did I say that? Please go back and re-read what I wrote: http://www.head-fi.org/t/685162/new-vali-schiit-amp/1965#post_10044931 and note context of Vali vs. Magni, not Vali vs. $2000 Auditor.
    Please stop make arguments which I never made in the first place.
  3. hmorneau
    First, the auditor is $899 not $2000
    Second, English is my second language. So sorry about my literacy problem.
    So far the DT880 600ohms is a better match with the vali than the T1. Listening to Bob Dylan :wink:
  4. purrin
    Sorry. I apologize for bring a snarky ******.
  5. tdockweiler
    Do you guys think the Lyr is a better "all-rounder" than the Vali? Does it play well with a larger variety of headphones than the Vali?
    A lot of the people testing the Vali don't have a ton of headphones (I definitely don't).
    I wonder if you could get the Q701 sounding as good as i've heard it on the Vali, but with specific tubes on the Lyr. Probably so.
    If the Lyr + HD-650 is more open/spacious sounding and with better bass control I would probably like it.
    Based on my experience it's been sort of tricky to find an amp that handles both the HD-650 and Q701 very well. I've found only a couple that do this..
    Despite what some think, I don't mind minor colorations. I HATE very rolled off treble and too much low-mid and mid-bass emphasis.
    BTW the Auditor sounds like something I'd like [​IMG]
    I generally don't like the Beyerdynamic sound but there was something I did somewhat like about the T90 (wouldn't buy it though). If the T1 is a huge improvement over the T90 than I'd probably like it.
    My problem with Beyerdynamic headphones is generally the mids are kind of lean and the treble is a bit too metallic/tinny. I didn't experience this on the T90 though.
    I do regret trying way too many Beyerdynamic headphones. The DT-880 32ohm version is my favorite but definitely not as easy to drive as people say!
    DT-990 PRO was just awful to me and had distant mids. DT-770 Pro 80 was technically worse but had better mids. I used a DT-990 250ohm for 3 years once. Hard to believe! I never once felt it was bassy. Same with my Triple Fi 10 [​IMG]
    It'd be interesting to see what the Vali does for the 32, 250 and 600ohm versions of the DT-990/880. Maybe it can't handle a specific version very well? Not likely..
  6. MattTCG
    Well, it depends on the hp's of course.  For me, with hp's that like power the lyr just seems to do a better job with dynamics as well as finesse.  The he500, he400, MD and AD sound best to me on the lyr. 
    As far as an "all rounder" the lyr will be limited due to it's inherent power. If the Vali drove hp's like the ma900 without noise then it would be a good candidate for that title. But for me it doesn't as I still get noise with the ma900 and Vali. 
  7. tdockweiler
    Your DAC costs $1400. I think that would be way more than enough! I.E. "acceptable" to most people here [​IMG]
  8. TheGame
    I read a post a little while back talking about burn-in with the Vali (I can't seem to find that post). Is the Vali subject to burn-in - meaning will it begin to sound better after a certain amount of hours of burn in? And if the answer to that is yes, how will it sound better? Warmer? Brighter? Or just better sounding overall?
    Thanks for any input and sorry if this was addressed before (I believe it was in one post, but I cannot find it).
  9. manbear

    If you want to be absolutely certain your DAC is good enough, I would suggest a Weiss Maya. To bring the Vali to its full potential [​IMG] Or maybe a DCS Vivaldi...

    *I'm just joshing you. My DAC costs more than the rest of my gear combined, so I'm not one to hate on DACs. 
  10. hmorneau
    I'm a "beyer" guy, if I can say that... It's the only thing I have (because it's easy to get them in Canada)
    I have the T1
    DT880 03 (250ohms)
    DT880 09 (600ohms)
    The DT880 03 was my first hifi headphone.
    I have always disliked my DT880 @600ohms, I though they was dry and lacking bass (where the DT880 03 was performing way better) even if the 600ohms newer model was more detailed than the DT880 03' 250ohms. I think my DT880 600ohms only got like 20 hours of head time, I was about to sell them (just procrastinating doing it).
    Now, like 30 minutes ago I decided to take them off the box and plug them into the vali. I must say: Wow. I'm hooked.
    Too early for more impression, but I A/B that setup currently: 
    Auditor + T1 <----> Vali + DT880 @600ohms.
    Basically a 2100$ setup vs a 400$ setup.
    If I would have to compare them in 1 word:
    Analytical vs Fun
    I never though I would use the word fun to describe those DT880. I will post more later.
  11. DaveUpton
    Regarding DAC pairing with the Vali on my T90's, I've found incredibly synergy with my KingRex UD384. Absolutely fantastic, comparing to ODAC, AQ DragonFly - this thing is just a great pairing. Soundstage opened up fairly dramatically and I notice much more impact in the bass. More listening to do obviously, but this will be my go-to DAC for the Vali from here.
  12. hmorneau
    I have read somewhere that the sound stage open up after burn in. 
  13. hmorneau
    I got it second hand for less, I was just tired shopping around for an XLR DAC and it was the only decent one available for sale on the forum. Also the usb works on Linux, which is important for me. That's why I took that one. 
    But I guess it's good enough. I have plugged the vali in my cellphone (nexus 5) yesterday, and the result is terrible. But playing Plants vs Zombies with the T1 was immersive :)
  14. MickeyVee
    In case anyone is interested, tried the Vali with the DragonFly.  A little too lean and sharp with less air and detail on the HD800 so it's a no go.  Still nice with the WA7 DAC. Going to audition the Arcam irDAC tomorrow.  From a feature persecutive, if you're a Mac/iDevice person, this has to die for features.  Hope it's an upgrade ti the WA7 DAC.
  15. purrin
    A huge part of burn-in is getting familiar with how gear sounds. The realizing of subtle aspects, getting accustomed the nuances, etc.
    Just remember, burn-in NEVER results in any piece of gear sounding worse. Only better. [​IMG] Why this is, I do not know.
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