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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. palchiu Contributor
    I take Vali to my friend's place, use Playback MPS3 and pluged apadter to PS P5.
    Use with LCD3, Vali is awesome!
  2. worldtipper
    I was the guy who traded my O2 for tdock's Vali, couldn't be happier and glad that tdock has his supreme amp on the way. Anywho, the Vali really makes notice of your DAC. I've never thought I had ears keen enough to differentiate a DAC but with a Modi vs. Mav Audio D1, it's very clear and exciting as I'm really able to appreciate how nice the Modi is. The D1 will go to the speaker system.
    As for the Vali? With Modi and my HE-400's I've never heard audio quite like this. The wetness, smooth mids and full sound added to the HE-400's pleasing (IMO) sound sig I'm in heaven. Also, the finish of it is fantastic. Maybe all the little Schiit's have this finish now but my early MM combo have the powder/clear coat that looks gummy, while the Vali/new finish is a sweet matte/textured silver. I like  visually pleasing piece of gear and this thing really does it for me.
    p.s. the microphonics on mine are pretty annoying...the initial ring is there which I don't mind, it sounds cool actually. However there's the same constant right channel low volume ring as mentioned in a previous post. I'll pop it open and try to seat it and see if that works.
  3. Soundsgoodtome

    I'm trying to resist purchasing one until I can test one at next months meet..... but just for info; any mods to your HE400?
  4. worldtipper

    Just some JergPads. I'm curious to try the velours again with the vali as for comfort, I prefer them but the highs were obnoxious.
    Remember opening it voids warranty. I would look inside through the vents to see if the tube is out of place.
  6. Zalithian

    I can confirm the HE400 sounds great on the Vali, with unmodded velour pads. I could see how the highs annoy some though.
  7. worldtipper

    Arg, thanks for the heads. From what I can see with a flashlight the tubes have the foam backing but while the left tube is pretty close to the board, the right tube is more and an angle. So the foam backing isn't resting against the board. Would that do it?
  8. olor1n
    The Vali is the real deal folks. There's some pixie dust magic synergy happening with the HD800. Damn impressive for the price.
  9. K.T.
    For those just getting into tubes for the first time, it's worth pointing out that you're unlikely to run into very many, if any, commercially produced tube amps that are as microphonic as the Vali. This level of ringing is uncommon in the vast majority of tube preamps/amps.

    I applaud Schiit for prioritizing sound quality over the convenience of low microphonics. The ringing is undeniable, but it is manageable, and the tube sounds great. A very acceptable trade-off for a fantastic sounding amp at the $119 price point.

    When you get to more expensive tube amps (or much, much more expensive tube amps) this level of ringing is simply unacceptable to the customer (or do the amps manufacturers simply believe that to be the case?). Thus, most tube amps are specced with tubes that avoid microphony.

    So if Vali starts you down the tube road, which I expect it will for many of you, expect the issue of ringing to be less prevalent as you explore other tubed products.
  10. K.T.
    It's also worth noting that tubes this microphonic can only be used in a headphone amp.

    If used in a stereo preamp or amp, the sound waves and vibration from the speakers would create an endless feedback loop of ringing.
  11. Soundsgoodtome
    What exactly causes microphonics on a tube?
  12. mhamel
    Soundsgoodtome likes this.
  13. TheGame
    I have read a lot in this thread that a lot feel the Vali doesn't pair well with the HD 650's. Would that have more to do with HD650 themselves or perhaps the DAC they are using with the Vali fpr the HD 650's? Personally, I like the "Darker" sound of the HD 650's and that they are colored a bit. Sure I like a flat-neutral headphone, but sometimes I just like to sit back and enjoy the music ya know? Being a beginner in the audiophile world, I only have a budget setup, that after spending many hours here can see my wallet emptying extremely fast to upgrade.
    Anyway, after reading many posts about members stating that they feel that the HD 650's do not pair well with the Vali has me a little worried. Sure, the Vali is only $119 tube amp, but I am on a budget at this time of year because of Christmas. (keep in mind I am going from a similar priced FiiO E09K Solid-STate amp, which for me sounds good for the price).
    I am hoping that the Vali pairs well with the Titanium HD, and since I do like a darker, warmer tone maybe I'll be ok. And if I have to, I should be able to tweak the EQ a little if needed to get the sound I am looking for.
    What do you guys think? I guess I will find out later today, but would like anyone's thoughts on the Vali paired with the Titanium HD, which a lot of members have stated has a pretty good DAC (24 bit / 192 kHz
  14. TheGame

    No Problem my friend! I should have a post in later Friday evening after a few hours of listening.
  15. Zalithian
    I think it's not necessarily that the Vali and 650 is a bad combo, but it seems like it needs a really good DAC to shine if you do use that combo.
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