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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. purrin
    Personally, I would NOT go Magni with the DT880/600. The DT880/600 is a great headphone from Beyer, probably my favorite, and this includes all the newer Tesla stuff which really aren't all that great compared to the 880/600. The DT880/600 have a nice smooth tonal balance with the exception of being slightly hot in the mid-treble or having a slight metallic quality to the treble. The Magni's tendency to be lean or slightly bright or splashy or steely would not be best. Vali will easily be the winner. Besides, the Beyer 880/600 seem to love tubes. (A great combo with the Vahalla.) The Magni is a good amp for the price. The Vali is exceptional provided there are no issues with noise or impedance mismatches.
    Replace stock voltage gain op-amp in O2 with LM4562 / LME49720 to take some of the stridency away from the O2.
  2. TheGame

    The Vali just uses RCA cables right? The USB A male - USB B Male cable is just for the Modi correct?
  3. Zalithian

    Right. :)
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  4. TheGame

    Thanks, the way the original post was worded, I thought I might need other cables besides RCA for the Vali, I just misunderstood the post. Thank you Zalithian for clearing that up, much appreciated!
  5. Zalithian

    No problem. It was my fault. In my mind I automatically paired them together because a lot of people get the Modi and Vali/Magni as a stack.
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  6. TheGame
    No Problem! Your reply was a real help, I was concerned about the cable issue. I am supposed to get my Vali tomorrow and I was worried I'd have to rush out and get more cables! So thank you very much for clearing that up for me!  [​IMG]
  7. RMiller
    Obviously a (double) account made for that purpose alone, that's a common thing on net forums :)
  8. Transformatron
    I figured I would ask one last time before I pull the trigger. I will be using my Modi (ordered) and Vali/Magni with my HiFiMan HE-300 that is modded to remove the dark sound and bring out the treble a little bit. I'm looking to give the midrange and bass a little more presence again. I feel like the Vali will give me the sound I'm looking for more than the possibly bright Magni. I'll be getting an HE-400 come tax time also.
  9. Solarium
    I'm on the verge of ordering the Vali to go along with my X-Fi Titanium HD sound card as DAC, using a HD598 (with plan to upgrade to HD600/650 in the future). I already ordered the Magni and have gotten the box from amazon (unopened so I can return the package without penalties). Do you guys think it's worth it for me to go ahead and return the Magni and get the Vali instead?
    Is the SQ "upgrade" from Magni significant? I do want a "warmer" sound to complement the HD598's more colder and analytical sound. I also hear that the Vali has more of a bass boost which IMO the HD598 much needs. How do you guys with the HD598 like the transition from Magni to Vali?
    One thing I think that may be bothersome is the ringing sound every time the amp vibrates. I will be putting this on a computer desk where I will be typing, the desk will be pretty stable, but the keyboard and mouse pad will be pretty much right next to it. Will this create problems for me?
    I pretty much read most of this thread using the search with "HD600/650" "HD598" "Magni" as a subject, but any more contributions would be appreciated.
  10. Zalithian
    For me the ringing thing is not even worth mentioning. It lasts like two seconds. Perhaps it depends a lot on the unit and some others are worse in this regard. I use the Modi/Vali about 1 foot from my laptop and I don't have any vibration problems.
  11. imackler
    The ringing on mine is only noticeable at turn on and if I tap the case.  Really impressive. 
  12. Re: 598 - it's very nice with the Vali. I feel I'm getting everything out of this particular HP I can. 
    Regarding ringing: Mine doesn't ring when I type. I didn't put the feet on mine, I put it on some of that thick rubbery material which is put into utensil drawers to keep stuff from sliding around. I just cut an appropriate size for it. I don't unplug so I don't have experience with ringing from that. The only time I personally hear ringing is during startup, and that's maybe 15 seconds. 
  13. Maxx134
    Sounds to me you are hearing differences due to impedance,
    But I could be wrong, it could just all be in your mind..(!) Lol

    Actually no one will hear the same because no two ears and ear canals are shaped the same...
    That's why I believe we need reference points..
    For exanple, component "A" sounds a certain way, in comparison to component "B".. So we have a common denominator to base subjective impressions upon..

    Why not? Changes in sound is very common among the tube amps that like higher impedance cans..

    Dam I would have given you my O2 for a vali in a heartbeat..
    My ALO Continental V2 sounds much, much better to me.
    Then again I guess I can do the op amp swap and see if I can improve its sterile sound.

    The botrom line is that in the end, I rather have an amp that I can truly "enjoy the music" so I abandoned the "transparent amp" philosophy because there is no such thing(!) In reality..
    It is an impossibility that many refuse to believe .

    Even thousand dollar amps will have their own sonic impression..
    They ALL come across with a sonic impression no matter how good it is...

    So I rather have an amp that is sweet.. OR WET...
    Than an amp that "tries" to be neutral and transparent,
    wich almost always will come off as cold and analytic and strident and lifeless and etc.. Add homonym...
  14. TheGame

    I just ordered a Vali to go along with my Titanium HD soundcard, the Vali is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I'll be using it with the HD650's and Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm cans. I can let you know my opinion on the sound of the Vali with the Titanium HD tomorrow as I will be listening to the Vali with the Titanium HD as soon as it arrives! SO if you check this thread tomorrow, I can give you my impressions with the Vali paired with the Titanium HD as the DAC and with the HD 650's as the cans.
  15. purrin
    May the Force be with you.
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