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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. purrin
    Have you tried the HD800 Anax 2.0 mod?
    The HD800s, even from tube amps, were always a bit too bright for me.
  2. tdockweiler
    Purrin, i'm not banned at your forum. I logged in yesterday to say HI. Someone probably realized that the original ban was not deserved.
    I get along with nearly everyone there really. I get along with you even, but it's tough sometimes because of your condescending remarks.
    I did do what you say, but only on one night. It was a bit of a low point and I normally don't do such stupidness. It's something I would have done when I was 16, but not 33. I had fun doing it i'll admit!
    Now onto the Vali:
    As for MY poor synergy with the HD-650 and Vali. Could be my HD-650 is different than other pairs (or junk). I just know it sounds pretty amazing with the O2, Micro and anything else that's transparent (or close). I've never been a fan of the HD-650 before but I really love it now for once.
    If you like the pairing then that's great, but it's just not for me. I wish I had the HD-600 to try out.
    I should put a disclaimer out that I don't even like the Asgard 2 with the HD-650. I know most people love that combination. Heck, I could be one of those abnormal people who hate it with the Crack. Not sure. I did however absolutely love the Asgard 1 with the HD-600! Perhaps that's better on the Vali for ME.
    Anything that makes the HD-650 sound warmer or fuller isn't what I prefer. I have very specific preferences, that's all. I do nit-pick over tiny details.
    BTW even with a 38ohm headphone I didn't find the Vali too noisy.
  3. FraGGleR
    Not yet.  Just the Innerfidelity version of the 1.0.  It did enough to tame the peaks that bothered me stock that I didn't bother going further.  
  4. FraGGleR
    Who complained?  Missing my second favorite pair of headphones of all time isn't complaining.  
  5. Mshenay Contributor
    Lol yea try to be open minded, and if your going to... call out our senior members try not to use a stock avatar with 2 posts lol. Not a good start on any forum
    Buy as the owner of a VERY Dry and sterile amp [which I do like] I would like a wet amp. My W1000x... has an intimacy that is really magical with a slighty wetter amp than my NFB 10ES2. For example my HM801 and PB1 are nice. But I'd love to use my NFB10ES2 Dac with an amp better than my wacky pb1
    That said I'm hoping to get a Vali... soon :3
    I think it will mach nicely with my W1000x and NESB10ES2 Dac! 
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  6. purrin
    I am the one who personally unbanned you.
    What condescending remarks? My replies to your posts over there have always been courteous.
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    Yup, I enjoy hearing from tDock. I will admit he speaks the truth, and there may be a number of ppl who think he was being terribly rude for no reason
    Non the less. what he says is not always popular :3, I can understand where he comes from... I've not been baned for it yet thank gawd. But Still glad he's back. I'm kinda glad he's not impressed the with Vali! Too much Positive hype imo is a bad sign... like the Kek M500
    Then months later I hear all the neagtive points about them NO ONE mentioned for like FOREVER
    Ehm, that said. The Vali is being met with postive AND negative feed back right out the gate. n imo daz is good 
  8. CEE TEE Contributor
    Okay, maybe it is time to take a break.  I seriously can't follow everywhere you are going with your pairings and impressions and previous experience and current experience and possible experience.  
    I've been spending my time with the Vali and HD800 (inner fidelity Anax mod).  It is fantastic with the PWD and even with my lowly Pure i20 dock as the DAC.  Why?  The very slight things that the amp does are in really fine balance and just help the HD800 find a sweet spot between tone, resolution, clarity, and fatigue.
    Been listening the past few nights with the Pure i20 dock (and versus the Magni sitting below) it as a bedside rig.  Vali with HD800 has been so nice that I have been falling asleep listening to music at night and not posting about it.
    When I get around to it, I'll try the HD600 with the Vali for a while and report back.  I did try the HD600 for about 20 minutes when I first got the Vali (PAID FOR, not a review sample) and it removed the veil but did not add any bass weight so I need to see if it will be tonally a bit bright on the Pure DAC but better on the PWD due to better bass dynamics.
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  9. Mshenay Contributor
    Happy to hear your enjoying it as well 
  10. TMRaven
    Weren't you trying to sell or trade your Vali for an O2 a couple days ago?  I'm assuming since you've already made a couple comments about the O2 in relation to the Vali that you're trying to get a second O2 on top of the one you already have?
    On the topic of transparency, I thought you made a comment on the Vali being very transparent earlier in this thread?  At least with the Q701 or whatever.  I know you don't like the Vali with the HD650, but the Vali can't go from being transparent with the 701 then magically turn into something not transparent with the HD650.  Transparency itself is a very ambiguous and nonsensical word in the first place, but ideally something that is transparent should only bring through the sound of the headphone.  Just the way I've seen you comment in this thread and the HD650 thread makes it seem like you should stick with the O2, and never get any other amp, because you're always so quick to pass everything off as coloring the sound or adding things that shouldn't be there.  Staying with the O2 would probably save a lot of headache on your part and others'.
  11. tdockweiler
    I actually took about a 1 month break before I got the Vali! I do understand that my impressions are usually all over the place and I don't edit myself much.
    I'm sure there will be some headphones that are amazing with the Vali and others that are not so good. I have no problem with this. Somehow I have a feeling that the HD-800 is closer in sound to my (bass) modded Q701 than the HD-650. People have compared the K712 to the HD-800 and K712 is very similar to the modded Q701. I bet i'd love the HD-800 on the Vali! DT-800 should be nice too.
    My guess is that the HD-600 will be slightly better on the Vali compared to the HD-650 to my ears.
    People should try to find faults of the Vali. What is wrong with this? I pick apart all my gear and headphones. My guess is that the Vali is not so good with headphones with a closed in soundstage and that are too warm and bassy. I might be wrong though.
    I do have to question why the Vali added nasty colorations to my HD-650 and DJ100 but not with my AKGs.
    Someone with dozens of headphones of all kinds should try the Vali and report back. This would be the most useful post in this thread.
    BTW I have to remind people again that I didn't hate the Vali [​IMG]
  12. tdockweiler
    That's the most interesting post you've made to me in awhile and you're correct on most parts.
    I had the O2 and loved it, but it was not quite as good as my Micro. I was stupid and said "but this treble could be a little smoother" and sold it and tried another amp. Remind me not to do something that dumb again...
    O2 is great but it's not the world's best amp under $500.
    When I tried the modded Q701 with the Vali (on ANY source) it sounded amazing. I was almost a raving fanboy of that combo. It seemed totally transparent and without any change at all from my Micro Amp. No fuller mids, no smoother treble. No nothing. Same results on the K400. The Micro (only with Astrodyne) is like an O2, but perhaps 1% fuller mids and very very slightly smoother treble. Ultra subtle differences.
    You're exactly right that an amp can't go from being transparent from one headphone to colored on the next. This is a big mystery. I would say the Vali +  Denon 1920 (2x WM8740) + HD-650 was kind of enjoyable, but a warmth overdose. My only idea is that it's just not a good match, but some seem to love it. Again, maybe my HD-650 is goofy. If people want to say I have bad hearing that is OK!
    My idea of a transparent amp is just something that sounds equally good with 90% (maybe not IEMs or Orthos) of headphones out there without it changing them too much. If what I attach is slightly colored then I expect to hear it. Nope, I didn't cut and paste all that nonsense from the NWWAVV guy website. I love how with my Micro and the O2 I could attach anything as a source without the amp changing a thing. I could get my Micro to sound like a crappy Coby 512mb player if I wanted. Ok maybe with slight improvements. Magni was not too far off from this description too.
    I like some nice coloration at times. I'm ok with the warmer sounding Wolfson DACs and the E17 has some nice coloration as well. When I bought the Vali I would have been crazy to expect it to be transparent.
    I probably go through too many amps, but for me to keep it, it needs to be perfect. My goal all along has been to top what I already have (under $500) and the O2 got the closest. I didn't really buy the Vali to do this though and that's pretty important.
    BTW I got the Ifi iCAN and an O2 incoming. Yes, i'm sorry to say that I swapped the Vali out for an O2. Vali is better for the Q701 though [​IMG]
    So I guess I took your advice yesterday and got another O2. Should have kept it!
    I really need to go to a meet and try a bunch of amps. I will try not to get beaten up while i'm there [​IMG] 
  13. GaryPham
    Sorry if this question has already been answered previously (didn't want to scroll through 120 pages of this thread), but has anyone used the Vali with a pair of 600 ohm DT880s?  I ask for my cousin, as he's looking for an amp to pair with his Asus Xonar ST.  For the 600 ohm DT880 specifically, how does the Vali compare to the Magni?  Would either provide a significant improvement over the Xonar ST's internal amp? 
  14. Zalithian
    Hooray, my cables have arrived. :D. Time to get going.
    Hi Gary. The general consensus seems to be that the Magni is more versatile and the Vali is a little warmer. If you have a 'bright' pair of headphones then the Vali might be a better choice.
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    well seeing as it matches nicely with the HD 800 and and the AKG K7XX series headphones, it should go nice with the DT 880. The DT 880 shares a simmilar sound sig with the HD 800, ofc the HD 800 has better mirco details ect... ect... ect... what ever
    Either way, for bright headphones the Vali seems to work nicely
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