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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. ethan7000
    I REALLY wouldn't throw the V2, Ocean, and G3 in a pile with any of the Projects. I can speak for service on them, my Starlight had a small issue with the volume pot and 2-day shipping was paid both ways. Turnaround time was a week total.
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  2. kstuart

    The warmup is for the unit to sound its best - a point at which you can listen to stuff and it will represent how it is supposed to sound.
    BUT, you can listen to any amp immediately - the relay takes something like 20 or 30 seconds to turn on, and then if you've been waiting to hear that new song you just bought, you can listen immediately.
  3. BournePerfect
    Not just to sound it's best-but to operate properly at the specs intended by the designer-just like any tube amp. 30 seconds isn't gonna hit that mark.
  4. NinjaHamster
    That's what ALL the women say ...
  5. AxelCloris Administrator
    A search doesn't seem to reveal anything about the combo, so has anyone tried pairing this with the AudioQuest DragonFly v1.0? I'm curious how the DAC would pair with the Vali. With it now running the same price as the Modi, maybe these two could be a killer combination.
  6. doublea71
    Ponderous review....have you been drinking?
  7. Sweden
    He should have done Crack instead.
  8. tdockweiler
    So tell me..does the Vali add any warmth to the DT-880? I wouldn't think so. I'm curious how it sounds with a Beyerdynamic headphone. That would probably give me a clear picture of what the heck it's doing..or not.
    I would really like to know why the Vali sounds dead neutral/transparent with a Q701 and K400, but very congested/muffled with the HD-650/DJ100 and warmer (more closed in) headphones..
    I still think the Vali is extremely good for the Q701, but doesn't add warmth to it. Don't ask me why.  Sounds EXACTLY how it always sounds, which is good to me. Perhaps with the modded Q701 it's slightly better than even the O2. I would not suggest it as a purchase because it's not a good all-rounder. Maybe if you only planned on using it for very specific headphones.
  9. doublea71

    He's no John Cleese as someone suggested (perhaps sarcastically) and I expect better writing from a contributor. If you're a contributor to head-fi and being given a review sample, show some professionalism and perhaps a few more subordinating clauses. I would be nonplussed if I were from SA and had just read that.
  10. Sweden
    I totally agree.
    It was very confusing writing for sure.
  11. Eric_C
    tdock: if you find the Vali doesn't add warmth to your 701, then there's no reason to expect it to add any to an 880. It certainly didn't add any perceivable warmth to mine.
  12. Xyzygy
    I have five hours using the DT-770 250 (obviously not the same as the 880) with my Vali (paired with an iFi iDAC) so far. The first hour or so was very dry, and then it settled into a very pleasing, detailed neutrality. Like many commenters have noted, it's a bit shallow on the bass, but it seemed to improve along the five-hour span. 
  13. purrin
    The Vali doesn't really add any warmth. I don't consider the Vali a particularly warm sounding amp (the Lyr is warm sounding tho.) Well maybe the Vali is a teeny teeny bit warm. But only after the filaments are white hot and electrons are melting off of it. What the Vali does add is "wetness". That is one major essence of toobs. That is what tooby is. This is what you are experiencing for the first time. Hearing wetness. Something that is warm, yet is not warm, but is actually wet. Tooby does not necessarily mean slow or syrupy or lush or bloomy. Although too much wetness coincides or results with these characteristics.
    You are making great progress, but you have much to learn and experience padawan.
  14. achristilaw Contributor
    The 600 is stellar when partnered with the Vali..... 
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  15. ravager
    The noise floor is not as bad as I expected it to be. I haven't listened to any classical yet, though. I would think that is where it would be most evident. Even with the noise it is still a better pairing than the Magni and Grados because that is a little too bright for me. However, I have a feeling my next purchase will be the Uber Frost.
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