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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. lord_tris
    Ordered mine last night at nine eastern time and got my shipping 3 hours ago, Thats super fast schiit, i may have my schiit by this weekend.
  2. AxelCloris Administrator
    Which method did you choose? Fedex took me longer than USPS would have by a factor of 2. Four days through Fedex ground vs two for USPS.
  3. lord_tris
    ah fedex should be here friday or saturday i am good with that :wink:
  4. ssrock64
    I go away for a day or two, and suddenly there are 161 new posts. What's the general consensus at this point in a pairing with the AD?
  5. TheGame
    Awesome news, I own both of those cans so that is great to hear!
  6. K.T.
    Has anyone compared to a Valhalla?

    I just got my Vali. Sounds great so far. Much more involving and intimate than my Magni (with HD598). I love tubes that way. There's a naturalness and atmosphere that inexpensive solid state just can't match.

    I know there's been comparison with the Lyr. How about the Valhalla with fully tubed stages? I'm trying to decide whether it's worth the premium over the Vali.
  7. TheGame

    Awesome news! I own both of those cans so it is great to hear that!
    P.S. Sorry for double post, forgot to use the "Quote" button
  8. TheGame

    The Vali will be my first Tube headphone amp. So is it pretty much standard practice to allow the Vali (or any tube amp) to warm up for 20-30 minutes, meaning turning on the unit for 20-30 minutes before running a source through it to listen to it?
  9. bearFNF Contributor

    Depends on the amp, anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, IME (asgard 2, taboo MKIII, magni)  for the amp to get to operating temp, but you do not have to wait that long to listen to it or running the source through it.  I typically turn my amps on when I get home and leave them on till I go to bed.
  10. Robobandit
    I caved and ordered a Vali earlier this afternoon. I got a shipping notification this afternoon.
    Should have my schiit in a few days :)
  11. kstuart

    I don't know that there is a general consensus on the Vali at all, opinions seem to vary widely, and there is possibly some variations between individual units (impossible to verify until two units are in the same room).
    My opinion with the Alpha Dog is that A) the Vali doesn't have quite enough power to make the AD work at its best, B) the Vali has weak points (timbre and soundstage) that nullify big strong points of the AD.   My feeling is that when you are paying more than $300 for a headphone, you should have equipment that takes advantage of the improvements of the more expensive headphones.
    I do find that the Vali is a reasonable choice for the Mad Dog, and probably one of the better choices for under $200.  The Mad Dog also has a shallow soundstage, so you don't lose anything in that regard with the Vali.  The Mad Dog is more efficient and works better with less power.   The Mad Dog does have excellent timbre, so you do lose that strong point by using the Vali, but you can't get every quality right for $119.
    The strong points of the Vali are a high level of detail, and very quick response.
    Also, my guess is that the Vali will be better than the Magni for anyone who is comfortable with tubes (including microphonics issues described in detail in the previous 5-10 pages).
  12. purrin
    I just listen to tube amps when I turn them on from the get go knowing that they don't sound their best while cold.
  13. NinjaHamster
    I wait for a few minutes for them to warm up before playing music - I assume this extends the life of the tubes ... this might be wrong, but it makes me feel better ... and the 5 minute warm up is almost "ceremonial" ... I recite no incantations, and cast no stones, but I do let the tubes warm up a little before blasting them with music ... Just like I used to warm up my muscles before sprinting, and warm up my girlfriend before ... well, uh ... I think the warm up leads to a longer relationship ... [​IMG]
  14. K.T.
    Yeah, this is good stuff. After a brief listen to the HD598 on the Vali, I plugged in my DT770s (250 ohm).

    I have to say, I thought the DT770s were the one glaring mistake I've made in headphone purchases; they have an exciting punchy sound, but too bright up top and somewhat unrefined. That was through the Magni, and also through my modded Berning Micro ZOTL.

    Well, I'm enjoying them through the Vali as I type. Still bright on top and unrefined, but the pairing with the Vali has breathed a good deal of intimacy and finesse into the sound. They're still not my favorite phones, but I'll be reaching for these a lot more now that I've got the Vali.
  15. TheGame
    Thank you for the response and the info, I really appreciate it.[​IMG]
    And as always, thank you purrin for your input as well, very much appreciated as always. [​IMG]
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