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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Goride
    I have seen that thread.
    But most people tend to say that it is too much for headphones like the HD650 (and HD595).
    Most claim it only really works well for power hungry headphones like the HE-500, HE-6, or even the LCDs.  They even mention that the HE-400 is too sensitive.
    Since I already have it, I suppose I should get an adapter and give it a shot to see what I think.
  2. purrin
    I doubt it. I know three five others (who have similar sensibilities) with production Vali's. They like their production units just as much as I do.
    The tube matching process is one of matching tubes with similar electrical properties. Same thing is done with transistors on various DIY amp builds. It's not like one listens to the tubes to match them.
  3. tdockweiler
    Vali over the Magni IMO (had the Magni for 4 months) for the K701. Of course if I had only one amp that worked well with everything and was under $200 I'd pick the O2+Modi. Even with just the K701.
  4. purrin
    Vali by far. The relative inefficiency of the K701 will tame any microphonics issues. Also, I got a few reports in from people whose ears I trust concerning the the K701 / Vali. It's supposedly spectacular. Makes sense if you think about it. The K701s can sound on the try side. The slighy tubiness or "wetness" of the Vali helps with that.
  5. mhamel
    Jason has been pretty clear multiple times about the microphonics of these tubes, and it is reflected right on main product page for the Valli.
    "When you plug in headphones, you'll hear a little "tiiinnnnggg...." noise that takes quite a while to go away. If you rap the chassis, it will do the same thing. "
    Again on the FAQ page:
    "Two, many tubes, including the ones in Vali, are microphonic. When you plug in headphones on Vali, you'll hear a little "tiiinnnnggg...." noise that takes quite a while to go away. If you rap the chassis, it will do the same thing. If you work on, say, a paint shaker table, Vali's not going to be the best amp for you. "
    And again, in the manual:
    "Tap on Vali when it’s running and you will probably hear a ringing sound. This is because tubes are microphonic. The solution? Don’t tap on it. Tubes are also usually noiser than solid state amps. For some people, these oddities are part of the charm. If you want certainty, stick to solid state—return the Vali and go for Magni instead."
    It doesn't mean the tubes aren't being matched the best that they can be - whether or not they are matched on specs has nothing to do with them being microphonic or one more microphonic than the other.
    (Some interesting reading here about microphonics, for anyone who'd like to learn more:  http://www.thevalvepage.com/valvetek/microph/microph.htm  )
    Based on everything Schiit and Jason have said, it should be expected that they will be microphonic - so it really makes no sense that anyone would be surprised by it, complain about it, think the amps don't perform as well as the samples, etc.  Schiit has been as completely up-front as they can be about the tubes used and what they are/aren't.  What they've done is produced a very nice little tube amp at an even nicer price.
    To me, the reports in this thread don't in any way point to the Vali not living up to the samples, but do point to everyone hearing things in their own way (like they do with every product that gets dissected here on Head-Fi). Some people love it, some people merely like it, others not so much.   Purrin may hear it as an amp that bests everything up to (a rather specific) $1600, someone else may hear it and think it's just ok, or even the worst thing they've ever heard.   They're all absolutely correct - for their own ears, their own gear, their own tastes in sound.
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  6. zerodeefex
    The PHA-1 and Audinst don't belong with the rest of the equipment in that picture.
  7. Wallboy
    I've heard the K701's need a lot to power them properly, so I was concerned the Vali with the lower power output than the Magni wouldn't drive them well, but I guess it will :D. Will probably go with the Vali/Modi then. Thanks guys.
  8. purrin
    Yes. With those POS there's not a huge difference between O2 / LM4562 (better bass texture / slightly flat / slight treble glare - worse with stock op-amp) and Vali (murkier bass / more lively). Once I threw in the Gungnir, and then the A-GD M7... and then the Abyss. Well let's just say the Vali scales very well and the O2 does not.
  9. purrin
    Naaa. It's just that the headamp power wars have finally hit full steam. Even with the inefficient Abyss headphones, I have the volume knob at 10:30 on the Vali. These amps have more than enough juice to make you deaf ten times over. The power wars thing mainly came from the HFM headphones HE-5, HE-6 which for some inexplicable reason sound really good from speaker power amps.
  10. tdockweiler
    The Q701 on the Vali hasn't tamed the microphonics at all for me. It's about the same with all headphones and is gone within about 40-60 seconds. I'll be lucky if I can adjust the volume without it going off. I put some stuff under it and it seems a little better. I can accidentally bump my desk and hear it.
    Your Vali must be totally different than mine. With many different sources (even docked Ipod Touch 2G) I never got mine to have any slight tubiness etc. Heck, I can hook the K400 up to it with any source and no change in it at all. I'm not complaining though.
    Maybe some changes or improvements were made at the last minute.
    Mine with any source is just very slightly fuller sounding than an O2 [​IMG] I'd fail a blind A/B test for sure.
    Have you heard the old Wolfson DAC Ipods? Even those are warmer than this Vali I have. Easily...
    Maybe someone else will get one that sounds like this..I like it though.
  11. fenderf4i
    WHAT?!? The O2 isn't the greatest amp ever made??? This is an outrage!
    I can't wait to give the Vali a try.
  12. thegunner100
    The ringing from plugging in my hd800s via 4pin XLR -> 1/4 adapter goes away within 15-20 seconds.
  13. purrin
    With inefficient headphones like the Abyss, I can slam on my desk with a fist (like really hard) and I don't get anything. The only thing which sets if off is the power switch and plugging in headphones.
  14. tdockweiler
    You must have gotten the best tubes or something. I can tap on the top of the unit and it sounds like i'm tapping on a small bell or something. I can count the number of ringing sounds when tapping it lightly.
    You should try listening to a production unit if you haven't already to see if it's any different sounding. Probably not.
    Maybe with my luck it will suddenly sound awful after a week of use (burn-in).
  15. purrin
    Oddly enough, tapping on the chassis sets it off more than banging on the shelf it's sitting on.

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