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New user, but not new to the awesome info here.

  1. teejmiller
    Hey all, like most I've done tons of research in lines of what my wallet can handle and I'm starting to build quite a collection of 'junk' (per this forms standards!).
    I own some Schiit stuff, some Fiio stuff and a collection of older turntables and seem to change my mind about setups more than I change my jeans. But, it's time to become part of this forum since I've always browsed to use the info found here. Time to give back!
    Thanks for having me!
  2. windowlicker
    Welcome! This crowd will make you spend more than you ever thought you would :D
  3. serman005
    As windowlicker alludes to, this may not be your wisest decision, teej, but welcome nonetheless.
    teejmiller likes this.

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