New Universal Player from Pioneer -- "Entry Level"-ish
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Dusty Chalk

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Jun 22, 2001
I just noticed that no-one has mentioned this yet. Pioneer has started selling the DV-45A (MSRP US$700). I am terribly curious about this, because the DV-47A (their "mid-line"-ish model) got middlin' reviews. Apparently it's already for sale.

I might just buy one, but since I am not famous for being first, would not mind hearing from others who have heard about this thing, what they have heard.
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Modwright is apparently offering mods on the 47A.

I asked for Dan's advice on this prior to ordering the XA777ES and he said his mods for that should well surpass the (modified) 47A for redbook and SACD and to only buy the 47A if DVD-A was important to me.

I decided to bet on SACD.

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