New Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro Review
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Thanks for the welcome guys! I was really starting to doubt this forum when my opinion got shot out of the sky because I thought I made a good purchase.

Good to see that someone is listening and not just talking!
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hm..I love my Shure e3cs to death but now those UE canalphones are looking very tempting.

I haven't ever experienced any real soundstage with what I have right now - and if they can be found in these canalphones I'd probably like them a lot.
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Originally Posted by trose49
Here's the scoop. These are by far without a doubt the best sounding universal in ear monitor sold by any company at any price. I can't even imagine the UE'10 Customs. Although it does make me wanna try them even more now!

Have you tried every "universal in ear monitor sold by any company at any price"?

Thread over.
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You definatly dont get the soundstage with e3c's, the SHURES DO sound great but you can tell where the music is at all times AND IT HAS AN ELECTRONIC QUALITY. With th UE's is feels like the sound is coming from dead center on you temple and you cant quite figure out how it got there!
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Originally Posted by memoryblues
Have you tried every "universal in ear monitor sold by any company at any price"?

Thread over.

Geez, the guy already admitted to being a bit over-enthusiastic. Cut him some slack. He was simply giving his opinions.
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I enjoyed the review, thanks for posting.
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I think his review almost perfectly mirrors my experience. The only differences are that I'm using a Karma instead of iPod, and have only had my E3Cs for about 4 months.

I found a couple of things of interest, though...

1. You can turn these around, and point the cable down for a different fit. This allows them to lay more flush into the outer ear and not stick out so much. They're actually very comfortable this way, too, but you have to adjust the memory wire to get it to feel right. The sound is a little lighter this way, too (read - easier to hear the treble).

2. The cable is super-thin & light. This makes them really easy to forget when you're wearing them - VERY NICE. This also makes them REALLY EASY TO TANGLE! I've already had mine tangled 3 or 4 times in the week I've owned them compared to oh, say, NEVER with my Shures. Mainly happens trying to get them out of the little leather case.

As a final note, though, I have ordered up some E4Cs that I expect to arrive early next week. I can't make up my mind, so I'm going to end up selling my E3Cs, probably my DT770-80s, and whichever I don't want to keep between the SF5Ps and the E4Cs. I'll let them shoot it out and I'll decide next week. I can post my thoughts, but a review is not valuable, since I don't have enough exposure to good gear and lack perspective.
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Wow, all this new canalphone buzz has got every one stirred up!

I really am looking forward to getting to hear both the E4 and the superfi Pro. Not so long ago I lost my E3s and I really have been missing them lately. I really liked the way the E3s fit in with my most common choices of music. I listen to Bluegrass, Mello Rock, Classic and Hard Rock 99% of the time. With all of those types of music, I found that the ER4s were too harsh for my ears. Now this brings up somewhat of a quandry. From what I've pieced together so far, the etymotic people are liking the E4 quite a bit. I assume they're not as harsh as the ER4s, so these E4s might be right up my alley. The Superfi Pros, on the other hand, have an apparently a warmer tone, yet they outpreform the E3cs on the treble end (according to some of you guys). I'm pretty sure I can get a deal on the Superfi Pros, making them comparable in price to the Shures. What I really need to find out is which slant is going to suit me best.

I don't really have the money to purchase both the superfi and the e4 at the same time, but I'd really like to compare them mono y mono.

I'm really interested to see how the chatter on here progresses in the next few weeks.
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Let us not forget the factory tour is on Friday!!!! A great time to give these phones a listen! Damn them too because I just bought some E3c's not too long ago. You can almost hear my wallet screaming for help.
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Does anyone know how do super.fis compare to shures e5c?
both are dual driver right?
except for the higher price tag of e5c, could they be a better investment over super.fis?
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Originally Posted by trose49
Hey Johnny Thanks!!!

The triple flanges really seal your ear up good! So good you have to becareful when removing them or else POP!!!

You will need to cut the end that attaches to the phones a little with a razor because shure made them to long in my opinion. But you will like them

here is the link

I'm confused. In your review it sounded like the Ultimates came with triple flange tips. I went to their website and I don't see any flanged tips. Did you buy the Shure flanges and stick them on there?
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Originally Posted by johnnylexus
I'm confused. In your review it sounded like the Ultimates came with triple flange tips. I went to their website and I don't see any flanged tips. Did you buy the Shure flanges and stick them on there?

The UE's do NOT come with tri-flanges......they do come with a set of dual flange tips, though. I attempted to fit the Ety tri-flanges on the UE, and after a bit of fiddling and stretching was able to attach them. However, the hole at the end that goes in your ear is much smaller than the UE tips, and this cuts down on the already rolled off highs. Hope this helps.
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No Johnny you had said that the shure e3'c didnt offer triple flanges but they DO!

I posted the link to the site where you can purchase them.

Again for everyone now confused the UE's come with a set of double flanges.(among others 3 sizes of soft tips and a set of foams)

If you like your ety's and want triple flanges for a set of e3c's got to the link at

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From the direction this thread took after my feeble attempt at a diplomat disclaimer, I have to apologize for directing attention away from the Super-Fi’s. I only meant to set out a “proceed with caution” sign, and not to have the over-generalizations in my post taken as my unfaltering opinion.

Also, by saying that it will take some time for a “set of opinions” to emerge, I was in no way questioning the credibility of any single Head-Fier’s review of the new UE, but expressing the idea that a number of qualified opinions would be needed to establish a “Head-Fi consensus.” I can see how I put joelongwood on the defense, and as someone who has been able to use his advice many times over the last few years and has saved a great deal of energy and money because of it, this was not my intention.

trose49, I hope I didn’t discourage you from being a part of the forum; this is one of the few refuges from the “elementary-school playground” anarchy and negativity that seem to affect most forums. That being said, my post was intended as advice- enthusiasm is one thing (my frequent use of “best headphone ever” makes me guilty of this) but only singing the praises of a phone without identifying the weaknesses is not going to give your posts much validity. I know how much time and attention go into purchasing and scrutinizing a headphone. Head-Fi and its members benefit the most when the review that comes out of this effort is as objective as possible.

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