NEW - Torque t402v On/Over Ear Headphones - Impressions Thread
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Dec 26, 2012

Torque t402v Over/ On ear headphones

A BRAND NEW headphone is on the rise with some cool features. I am due for a review of these pretty soon (as well as others) and will be posting some initial impressions here. ​
Some unique features:
● new 40mm proprietary bio-cell membrane diaphragm transducers
● patent pending modi:fi technology allows 4 adjustable low frequency setting
● includes on-ear and over-ear ear-pads
● professional grade SoftRide memory foam for comfort
● 4 way stretch lux vinyl enhanced seal
● 3 way articulation for ergonomic fit
● spring steel reinforced headband for durability
● poly-urethane internal damper plate for resononance reduction
● oxygen free copper conductor for improved signal conductivity
● detachable 1.4m extra long reinforced mylar shielded cable
● right angle 3.5mm stereo input
● in-line iOS compatible remote to control your music
● microphone for phone and voice commands
● 2 year warranty (when purchased from authorized dealer)​
Price 399
I love customizable things so I am stoked and hope it sounds as good as it looks.  Lets share impressions here!
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One thing I am really curious about is how the sound quality will change when switching from on ear to over ear. I for one prefer ovwr ear headphones.

excited to read your review man! :)
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One thing I am really curious about is how the sound quality will change when switching from on ear to over ear. I for one prefer ovwr ear headphones.

excited to read your review man! :)

 could be a while before they get to me. I am just as eager to read others impressions as well. @Deviltooth really likes em. 
I have never heard the oppo PM-3 which you stand pretty strongly by. Even though these are not planars, I hope they measure up but they seem like they do different things well. Based on the other impressions and the general graph they have it seems it may be V-shaped.
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I'm unboxing a pair now. I'll get around to posting impressions once I've given them some hours of use. So far they are good-sounding but somewhat boomy even on the lowest bass setting, which possibly means the drivers need some use to tighten up. 




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I will jump in with some very brief impression. 
I will be closing in on a review here pretty soon so I won't go into detail. 
With its different bass settings I find it to offer a good variety of options but there are a few things that remain consistent regardless of the setting. The bass is punchy, slightly voluminous, a bit on the boomy side, with a pleasurable toe tapping and generally fun response. The highs have a healthy amount of sparkle but offer a less ear piercing response than say the V-Moda which is one of those staple V-shaped responding headphones. The mid range is present but not the star of the show and overall I totally understand the market for this headphone. The design is impeccably executed.
Stay tuned for the review.  
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I don't find the bass boomy, I do find it heavy and more present than the bass presented by the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear.  In truth this is very much a consumer sound and even on the lowest two settings you're going to get sufficient bass (and for some people maybe a little much).
I'd suggest trying the t402v with a modern Hollywood action movie.  That will give you a better idea of what it's capable of dynamically; I find it kept up well with the Tremors 5 soundtrack, but even on the red setting the bass is big.
I think of the t402v as the adult version of the consumer V shaped sound.
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I like a little boom and bloat occasionally. Its tighter than beats for sure and is def not a fart cannon like the beyer COP. I agree its got some weight to it for sure.

Edit: This seems to be most apparent on the black setting. Im not sure I like the black setting that much. I go back and forth on my opinions with this thing. Ill nail it though.
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Opinions are varied about it so far but its agreed that its a fun sounding headphone. While most find its treble not the best part I still heard it a tad boosted over the midrange and it had a response that made it fun. At the mini meet noone called it dark, or bright for that matter.

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