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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Schmeisser
    Thank you for sharing a very valuable info with us. You said that "With the Amp, the dynamic and spacious sound is back...close to what I get from the VC with my Desktop EC445 amp". Can you specify how "close" please? I mean "just closer" or "close enough" to the full potential of Verite headphones performance (that you get from Eddie Current 445)? Can I just take it to the bank and spend $3500 for SP1000Amp + Verite now without hearing/trying it myself first?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  2. bmichels
    I will say "just closer", but... the EC445 is a faboulous and very powerful amp that no portable device can match.... It can even drive the old HE6 to it's full potential :smile:

    EC445 & HE6.jpg
  3. jlpan
    hi all, been a while since I have posted in this forum. Great community here.
    I have a question regarding Tidal open app service.
    Main question: What is the most stable Tidal version anyone has installed in their SP1000?

    Background: I have an SP1000 CU. Of late, after installing version 2.17 and above- my SP1K CU became barely usable - to say it's almost bricked is not an understatement.
    It would take minutes to turn on and when it does, I can't seem to get into settings, and if I try to do something it would randomly restart. Most times, it'll go for hours of no response from my unit - as if it went on a coma.
    I know it's Tidal that is causing the issue because I dont have anything else installed and when I finally managed to get to factory reset my unit - I finally got back my SP1K CU to behave like its meant to behave.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    @JasonNYC if you could lend a hand here as well it'll be most appreciated.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
  4. Likeimthere
    Still doing the spinning thing for me even with the latest Amazon update. . . . :cry:
  5. bmichels
    since I have the SP1000 Amp module I confirm that the Amp Module improves the SP1000 sound, even for IEMs. So, now mow the Amp is permanently attached to my DAP.... except when I use the SHURE KSE 1500 because, for some obscure reasons, the Sp1000 Amp click a lot when connected to the SHURE’s amp !! ( impedance incompatibility ???

    But.... VERY ANNOWING is that each time I turn ON the DAP, even with the AMP module attached, I need to go to set-up to turn ON the use of the AMP ! !

    IMO The SP1000 should detect that the AMP is attached or take the last configuration used before last shut down !

    A&K can you please fix this with a new firmware ??

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
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  6. maii
    I also agree the amp module improve sound quality of SPk more musical more analog. I use the combo drives HD800s potentially in my opinion about 80 percent of what hd800s capability. It also drive ie800s for it's best as well. I still wonder spk+amp compare to sp2000 if weight bully is not matter anyone have ever compare their sound please tell me if they are par or spk+amp is still behind.
  7. Samuel777
    Hi !
    can someone tell me how i can copy past my playlist file from SP1000 to SP2000 ? I tried but impossible to get it work.
    that would avoid me to rebuild my playlist files one by one. I ordered 1TB micro SD ...

    thanks in advance for your help!
    Merci !
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  8. bmichels
    AK SP1000 Amp’s firmware is 1.01. Is it the latest ? If not, then Is it possible to upgrade the Amp’s firmware ?
  9. olddude
    I don't believe you can do that. If I recall correctly, the files in the HD might transfer but the ones in the microcard don't. I know I saw posts about this months ago here.Try a search.
  10. Samuel777
    Not to place the playlist file on the SD card. But just use and modify the playlist files in 5he sp1000 and put them in the sp2000
  11. olddude
    You misunderstood. For some reason songs on the playlist that are located on the SDcard don't transfer. I believe those on the internal do. But again, do a search, as I just recall reading some posts about this a while back.
  12. SP1000_WOW
    FINALLY......For me Qobuz update 5.4.1 is working!!!!! prior to this, nothing worked after 5.10.1.

    (1) SOUND QUALITY is jaw dropping
    (2) You can download 192kHz songs.

    (1) For me, I had to re-import everything. What finally worked for me is to "sign off" so Qobuz deletes all import. Turn off SP1000/turn on and res-sign into Qobuz. Re-import everything.
    (2) Bug: If screen sleeps, download is stopped and won't restart. Need to re-do process. Just keep moving screen around so screen won't turn off.

    The trouble is worth it due to the improved SQ.


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  13. lawshredpower
    Still no update on the roon situation?
  14. Focux
    Has this been rectified?
  15. TYATYA
    Not relate thing but for your reference.
    I installed Chrome on my spk so I watch youtube. Also Netflix, VLC...
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