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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. mvvRAZ
    About 200-250 imo
  2. alanlee5721
    do you know about the sa700? its Ak4492ecb dac vs ak4497eq, is there really a huge difference between these two model? how is ak4492ecb sounds like? I am considering to sell my 1000m to get a sa700 and maybe a ak t5p 2nd for travel.
  3. olddude
    You should be fine with 100 hours. Let it just mature as you use it.
  4. Maximiliano Campo
    This seems like a waste of time. The SP1000M is one of the best sounding DAP's out. I don't know why you would want to sell it for a player, which in my opinion isn't better. Seems like a downgrade.
  5. mvvRAZ
    Yeah idk why you’d intentionally downgrade
  6. thedanadamsusa
    Hello All,

    I understand this is really the SP1000 forum, but have noticed most of the SP1000M discussion happens here too. I want to upgrade my DAP soon, and am hoping for some insight from anyone who has experience of the models and IEM's I use and am considering. I currently have a Hiby R6 DAP and a pair of Legend X IEM's, with an Effect Audio Lionheart cable - 2.5mm balanced silver and gold. I listen pretty much exclusively to FLAC files, stream from Qobuz, and have the odd DSD. My main priority is sound quality, but the ability to add Qobuz - to stream and listen offline are important factors.

    I have a conundrum though, inasmuch as I thought I knew which DAP I wanted to add next, but now I am not so certain! For a good while I considered the A&K SP1000M as the next logical step for me; as it definitely ticks all my boxes. But more recently I've been reading a lot of positive reviews of the iBasso DX220 - esp as PinkyPowers and Twister6 have both given the DX220 glowing reviews, and noted how well it plays with the Legend X. This component synergy is obviously very important to me too. My main dilemma is that even with potential Black Friday discounts, the A&K SP1000M is going to be at least 2.5 times more expensive than the DX220. I appreciate the law of diminishing returns with Summit-Fi DAPs, and even though the A&K SP1000M looks good value compared to the original $3500 cost of the A&K SP1000, I'm interested in discovering how much better the A&K SP1000M actually is - if it is at all, compared to the DX220. Can anyone enlighten me please, because I want to make the correct choice in a week, or so?

    Many thanks in advance!
  7. mvvRAZ
    I've tried the DX220 and I didn't like it too much - it has way stronger midbass than the SP1000M, with less highs, and of worse quality. Soundstage is also narrower and less deep.

    The UI on the DX220 is also absolutely terrible, it feels like you've returned to 2005

    Ultimately, you'll have to decide what's of value to you, but as a complete product (performance, UI, build quality), you're getting a much, much better package on the 1000M
  8. thedanadamsusa

    Thanks for your input - it is greatly appreciated. It's a little confusing though; as I saw someone on Head-Fi - who had owned the A&K SP1000M and initially loved it. A few months later he was saying he sold it after buying the FiiO M11 Pro: because it was better in EVERY way! This is a $2400 DAP, being bested by a $600 FiiO one. Doesn't make any sense!
  9. thedanadamsusa
    Also, I am mostly interested in hearing from someone who has heard SP1000M, and DX220, specifically with the Legend X - this is the synergy comparison I’m keen to know more about.
  10. mvvRAZ
    I used to own the M11 and it was garbage even compared to the AKSR15

    Ultimately this is a hobby where the only relevant metric is enjoyment, so every now and then you have people who genuinely prefer a product that is inferior in almost every way compared to another one
  11. thedanadamsusa
    Duly noted. Thanks again.
  12. thedanadamsusa

    Btw, another seed of doubt about the match up between my Legend X and the SP1000M, was planted here. This is actually a review of the match up with the SP1000 - although the sound signature wouldn’t surely be a huge difference? I have concerns about bass bloom that is noted in the final paragraph. I don’t want to spend $2000 on something that doesn’t play with my IEMs...
  13. alanlee5721
    yeah, I agree. to be honest, I can't really heard the difference between sr15 and sp1000m, I just wanted to give sp1000m a try after I bought sr15, but it seems like I'm not worth for such a excellent dap. so I was thinking about to sell the sp1000m and "upgrade" from sr15 to sa700, which seems pretty good for me. maybe get the ak t5p 2nd afterwards and that it. trying to use my money wisely. btw, I really like ak's dap.
  14. alanlee5721
    Correction: I AM thinking to sell my sp1000m gold and if anyone wants to buy it please let me know. Sorry to annoy you guys here.
  15. twister6 Contributor
    Ouch, that text is right in my face :p Just please keep in mind, the "overwhelming" bass part is my subjective opinion. To my ears, LX bass is boosted in most of the pair ups, and that was the intention of Empire Ears tuning. Ironically, I was the last person to offer my tuning suggestions to Dean before he finalized the sound sig of LX (and I couldn't convince him to drop the bass any lower lol!!!). You can also read my SPKM review where I compared it to SPK and mentioned that bass is similar; most of the difference was in soundstage and thickness of lower mids. Now, with all that said, SPK/SPKM not gonna boost the bass of LX, it's boosted already. And if I recall correctly, my personal LX preference was to cut about 3dB around 60Hz which is noticeable with EQs of other DAPs, but not A&K.
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