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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Fafner
    As long as it doesn't work on the SP1000 Primephonic isn't an option for me.
  2. S Crowther
    I am in Hong Kong where it also is not available. I just gave a French address etc. (in fact Qobuz' own headquarters address etc. from their website) when signing up. No problems.
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  3. yaslam

    Is the Open App technique posted by TYATYA still valid for firmware v1.20?
  4. Fafner

    Yep, I installed Primephonic that way.
  5. yaslam
  6. Markus Tappeser
    The suggestion with the folder works well on one drive, but somewhat cumbersome for two drives. However, this system would be exactly as I imagine in the artists' directory. But thanks for your suggestion.
    Regarding the battery, as always the capacity never enough,right? If you fly intercontinental a battery-pack is necessary. Without would be better, right?
    With 3 buttons there is not much to learn :))
    But in South Korea they have smaller fingers, maybe that the reason for this design.
    Anyway, to sensitive especially when you put the player (in the case) in the back pocket.
    Liked i mentioned, that's only some suggestions and maybe someone put it in consideration to improve this great divice.

    Great music makes a better world

  7. emrelights1973
    I am paying 4,5€ per month for platinium where qobuz will be like 25€ :)
    Regional pricing rocks!
  8. olddude
    You can arrange your folders by alpha on the two drives by placing, say, A-L on the card and M-Z on the internal.
    I get about 10-11 hours on my SPK, but assume your M gets less. Sounds like aux battery time for sure on long flights.
    You might want to look into a different case or a different pocket. I kept my 240SS in my shirt pocket. I think it's about the same size as your M. I use a belt holster from VanNuys to carry my SPK.
    We are lucky because JasonNYC did NOT inform to software dev. team yet.

    App that I love most and want to appears on my SP1k is UAPP.
    Not possible now.
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  10. Markus Tappeser
    You're right, to sort by alpha is an idea but in some way a workaround. Anyway, I don't give the hope that the software programmers will get a heart and add a few options to the menu to sort the music at will. I'm sure that this isn't a big deal to insert the appropriate program lines.
    Until then I'm enjoying to listen my music at this great device.
  11. yaslam
    Yes, we are very lucky. But I'm worried that the technique will be invalidated in the future.

    UAPP, Neutron etc are excellent music player apps.
    However, playback with third party apps can't avoid Android SRC, so all songs will be down-converted to 16bit/48kHz.

    I like AK Connect's DLNA network feature.
    I installed BubbleUPnP Server on SPK and made it OpenHome.:laughing:
    I enjoy high resolution streaming from Qobuz without down-conversion at OpenHome Network Audio. (However, the gap between songs is very very long:triportsad:)
  12. TYATYA
    No. There are 2 kind of app groups.
    Jetaudio, Winamp, Poweramp, Google music,N7 player, Vlc .... in group 1.
    Neutron, uapp, hiby, maiden audio, Onkyo HF.... in group 2.
    Group 1 app will use ALSA, group 2 bypass - the same way android base app in Daps
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  13. Progisus
    Hey there is something new with latest firmware that I appreciate. When using the embedded Tidal and playing MQA.. it now shows the blue/green dot and decoding info. I thought @JasonNYC was going to provide info on all the MQA modes. This is a move in the right direction. Maybe Roon this year yet.
  14. Jackomik
    I just hope AK would add up a bettery icon status of the AMP beside the battery icon of the DAP, thus we see it without opening the notification pannel each time we wanted to see the battery status of the AMP. It seems, as per my usage the AMP drains much faster than the DAP. Keeping track of the battery helps prevents draining to 0, thus keeping the battery healthy.
  15. Fafner
    Today I had a quick look at Qobuz. Didn't have enough time to test downloads, just tried streaming a couple of 192/24 tracks (Ivàn Fischer's Mahler 2nd and 3rd). Seems to work great, no problems streaming at that rate at home (guess there will be more on those crappy hotel rooms networks :)), will listen to a full album later today.
    As an almost 100% classical listener, Idagio's search capabilities are on another planet, but high res sounds so damn great on the SP1000/LCDi4 combo. Qobuz is much more expensive than IDAGIO, that's 80% more if opting for Sublime+. Tidal's highest offering is about 16% cheaper than Sublime+ here in Switzerland. Decisions, decisions...
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
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