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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Fafner
    For those who may be interested: Primephonic does NOT work.

    It is actually possible to get it installed (with the usual trick) and to get it started. But no way to go past the login screen.
    When trying "Login with Google" it doesn't succeed because of the system not supporting the Oauth2 login. Can't say I wasn't expecting this.
    If the Primephonic account was created in conjunction with a Google account (I did it on my S10+), it's not possible to access using the same credentials into a generic Primephonic account, you have to request them to reset your account and create a new, generic one. IDAGIO solved this better, as you get a generic account irrespective of the way you create it. But they were blazing fast into reacting at my inquiry.
    Unfortunately, login with an user name and a password in the Primephonic app installed in an SP1000 still results in an error page (unknown URL scheme).

    I had high hopes about getting it to work, even if in an unofficial way, but at the moment this just doesn't seem possible. Hoping A&K can add support for it soon.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  2. madFloyd
    I can log in to my Idagio account but the sound quality is limited to MP3 which is very disappointing.

    It also doesn't seem to store your favorite albums to your account but rather your device - which is also disappointing.
  3. Fafner

    Do you have an active subscription or are you in a trial period? I can't select lossless quality, but I'm still in the trial period and can't upgrade to the higher plan until it's over. It fails at properly displaying my subscription status (it just says "-"), but it lets me stream, thus I assume it's recognizing the account in some way.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  4. madFloyd
    Trial, but on my iPad it lets me switch to higher quality.
  5. Fafner
    That's odd. FLAC shouldn't theoretically be available for trial. Unless they do it differently on the Apple platform. It isn't available on my Galaxy S10+ either.
    I'm able to set "normal" or "high" quality. That's AAC at 192kbps or MP3 at 320kbps. Trying to set premium quality results in no reaction on the SP1000 and in a "pls update to premium subscription" popup on my S10+. But no way to switch subscription on the Android platform before the running one is over.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  6. Fafner

    It does in Windows as well, there I'm able to select losless. Seems to be a limitation of the Android trial then.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  7. Markus Tappeser
    Hi everybody,

    as a really happy owner of a sp1000m (since 2 weeks) I want to share my impression about this little piece of DAP.

    First I want to say that i tried to find the best DAP for a
    affordable price-tag where I no need to go to the gym for to carry it around the hole day (sorry for my joke), so everything pointed to the sp1000m and I don't regret my decision.

    - 4,1inch screen, light 203gr., a nice volume wheel, the color separate this device from the others
    - the sound which arrive at my ear are amazing, each frequency are well separated and unbelievable clean
    - the soundstage (if the recording is on the top) is as you there, right in front of you, really realistic
    - 2 output: unbalanced and balanced (I'm using unbalanced right now, question: is the balanced really better?

    - the control buttons are to close to each other and to sensitive
    - battery could be larger
    - the OS, there are better once. I mean the menu-points title or album, I'm not sure who need this if you have hundreds and/or thousands.
    And the artist search must get a 3rd level (each album with the songs right below > 10 albums with 15 tracks each, the coffee are cold until you find the right album) + the album list, isn't it better to sort by year? (the new album isn't somewhere, it's at the end). In general there should be a letter of the alphabet right in the middle of the screen when you are scrolling (artist and album), so you can see much faster where you are

    I really hope that someone put my notes regarding the OS into consideration, I think it makes this DAP even better and easier to use.

    Everyone enjoy listening there favorite music whenever it's possible

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  8. olddude
    If you have trouble finding albums, go to Folder View. If you sort your files into folders by Artist>Album it makes searching a lot easier. As to OS, except for perhaps Apple and maybe Sony there is none better. Battery? Buy a Sony, the rest are like this- though I find the SPK battery long-lasting. Don't know about the "m" version. The control buttons just take a little bit of time to learn.

    Balanced is much better (without trying to start a post war), much better. At least to some/many of us.
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  9. kel77
    Sp1000 battery life is considered pretty good.
    As for the sp1000m, battery capacity is reduced due to the reduction in body size.
  10. CreditingKarma
    You can always just use the search function to find what you are looking for.
  11. junix
    My AMP is finally here!
    Well I do live in the desert currently, so it took a while.. :ksc75smile:
    IMG_5997.jpeg IMG_5996.jpeg
    IMG_5998.jpeg IMG_5999.jpeg

    Testing it as I'm writing this, no impressions for now as it is "a new toy", but..

    It does look amazing, a bit bulky (but I knew that), exceptional built quality and user-friendliness.
    You snap it on, lock it, turn it on (swipe down from the top and press the AMP button) and it just works.
    The included leather case is great with it's Arabic looking mashrabiya pattern on the back.
    On low gain I had to lower the volume from 45 to 35 with DITA Oslo + U18t, will test soon with LCD-i4.

    Looking forward to the weekend.. :ksc75smile:
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  12. S Crowther
    Try the Qobuz trial.
  13. emrelights1973
    Primephonic got a free 4 month trial with this month bbc classical magazine
  14. S Crowther
    If you like classical it would be hard to beat Qobuz' catalogue and they have streaming upto 192kh. and discounts on hd sales.
    bidn likes this.
  15. emrelights1973
    Qobuz is not available in my country while primephonic is a very good value + 4 months free
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