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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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    @JasonNYC need your help passing infors to software development team.
    Google chrome should be in the app list.

    It will bring Youtube(web UI) to every user.
    Not bad idea to play youtube on sp1k.
    Screen size, cpu and other HW, battery.... all are enough.

    I am using like that.
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  2. Luisonic
    My vote for the volume limiter as well @JasonNYC!

    Almost blew my ears a couple of times, in the same way: open the list, accidentally touch volume knob, you think you scroll the list and instead you blow your eardrums...
  3. Fafner
    Hmm, I'm currently trialing IDAGIO, I started my trial from my Galaxy S10+ phone some days ago. The ongoing trial is working on the desktop version as well. But the SP1000 installation, logged into the same account, doesn't seem to recognize the ongoing trial. Is it because of the trial? I can't subscribe, I have to wait for the trial period to expire.
    "Login with Google" option obviously doesn't work, because of expected Google Play Services, "Login with email" option works, but no trial recognized.

    Anyone with an ongoing paid subscription can give it a check and confirm it does recognize it when used in the SP1000?
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  4. cj3209
    I'm scratching my head on this one...you use a $3,500 DAP to stream low res files? Am I missing something?
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    Up to you.

    Youtube, Tidal streaming does not lead to a conclusion about sound quality.
    Ex. I found "master" tracks on tidal sound not better than normal "hifi" track. Not all but it's existing.
    I also find music videos on youtube have sq not less than the one on Spotify.
    Are you thinking youtube video has mp3 sound?
  6. cj3209
    I dont watch music videos on my SP1k but I do find new music via Tidal HiFi and Roon (which is great btw so looking forward to AK adding it).

    I guess to each his/her own as long as you enjoy the music!

  7. Dionysus
    Yeah, uhm not feeling google or YouTube. I would never put either one on my SP1000, ever.
  8. Imusicman
    I have found excellent quality music that’s been recorded and mastered well on all formats inc from ITunes and YouTube. Equally I have heard poor recordings on hi-res too. For me the format does give a guarantee on quality of sound.
  9. Progisus
    I don’t understand AK’s direction with lossy streaming such as Apple etc. lsn’t that what an iphone is for? Chord’s attitude to MQA and embracing Roon with their Poly/Mojo is looking better all the time.
  10. Luisonic
    I'll second that... more than once I've heard very well recorded music (and other stuff!) in Youtube that really intrigued me and wished I could hear in better conditions... an SPK would definitely be it!
  11. madFloyd
    I just updated to 1.20 and I don't see any differences/changes:

    1) Browsing by Artist where there are multiple albums, it shows each track instead of just the albums

    2) there are no new services
  12. rwelles
    Updated to 1.20 on my SPKM this morning with the same results. Am I missing a step??
  13. JasonNYC
    Not included in this update.

    New supported Open App services as per the firmware changelog. Need to be installed via OpenApp procedures - https://us.astellnkern.com/blogs/news/open-app-service-instructions
    Astell&Kern Stay updated on Astell&Kern at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/astellnkern/ https://twitter.com/astell_kern https://instagram.com/astellnkern https://us.astellnkern.com support.inc@iriver.com
  14. Samuel777
    Anything doing more, should be able to do less.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  15. Likeimthere
    That is awesome! I've asked this before, but not sure if it has been implemented yet, but will using its as a USB DAC allow its MQA unfolding capabilities to be fully realized?
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