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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. olddude
    If your volume knob breaks, you would have the screen adjust option. And some people (not me) use the screen adjust because they can see what is happening with the volume. Bottom line, if you worry about loudness, don't turn it up too loud. Turn on the player and plug in before inserting/putting on your monitors, so you will hear if they are too loud when putting them in/on. Get in the habit of turning them down when you finish listening. Everyone here who drives knows to check the car before and after driving. It becomes second nature. Listening to music can be the same thing. Get in the habit and then you are fine.

    The playlist not transferring that got broken a few updates ago I agree should be fixed. Not being able to add the same song twice is a user error issue that AK should ignore, because, well, it's user error.
  2. Fafner
    Or get the AMP. Every time you enable it (means every time you boot your SP1000 and want to use it) or every time you connect an headphone, volume automatically gets reset to 50. :ksc75smile:
    As I always use just one headphone, I must admit I'd be happier without this precautional feature...
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
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  3. DeepSouth
    The screen volume is activated by using the volume knob. If my volume knob breaks, I wouldn't be able to accidentally swipe loud.
    I don't turn mine up to loud, but while listening, I occasionally adjust sound, and I often flip through albums.Sometimes I make the mistake of adjusting volume AND swiping to view different albums at the same time.
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  4. Samuel777
    That is the way you use to banalize the requests of others.
    What will be broken if AK add an option that could activate or desactivate those function (Playlist and volume)
    You are trying to minimize what we are saying. The message is for @JasonNYC, hope he will take that in consideration.
    I have ordered all the Daps of AK since the beginning, so I'm considering that it is normal that if they cut a nice function from the firmware that I request for it. Or they can open a survey and customer will vote with the serial number of their product.
    Because I have been told by Jason few years ago that some customers requested that they make it possible to add many times the same song in the same Playlist. Never I was consulted on that.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  5. youme
    Exactly this ! :)
  6. Dionysus
    New Firmware coming soon!

    New firmware is releasing tomorrow that will optimize your AK player to support 1TB microSD cards. Plus, new Open APP Streaming Services have been added! Turn on your WiFi to check for availability.
    See below for details by model.
    New Firmware by Model

    SP1000, SP1000M & SE100
    - New Open APP Services added: 7Digital, Apple Music, Audiobooks from Audible, BBC iPlayer Radio, Foobar2000, IDAGIO, Last.FM, Nugs.net, Onkyo Music, Player FM and Yandex Music.
    - 1TB microSD card support
    - Other operational stability improvements
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  7. baseonmars
    I wonder if AK will start scribbling!? That would make my day!
  8. madFloyd
    Yes! This happened to me. I have hearing loss partly due to accidents like this. I've seen this feature on other products, nobody is forced to use it. But in my case I would set it to 100 as I never want the volume higher than that.

    A&K already have a safety feature for the line out option which I really, REALLY appreciate.
  9. madFloyd
    Audible... very cool!
  10. olddude
    You can set volume by using your finger on the screen to raise or lower it. If your volume button breaks and you can still turn it at all, you can change volume on-screen. Granted, if the volume knob falls off you are up the creek.

    I'm not minimizing your desires for changes or additions. But not getting an alert that you are trying to add the same song twice to a playlist is really not something earth shattering. Write down what you have on your list. Fixing the ability to move playlists onto the device makes much more sense. Some folks want to have the volume be set automatically to the same level for each song. While I wouldn't use that, I can see how some would. The volume limiter is more reasonable, but I assume if they wanted to add it they would have. I too had a DAP that had such a limiter- can't recall which. But I never used it.

    These devices are meant to be used by lots of people with lots of desires. The engineers have to make decisions re what they do/how much it costs/how much time it takes to implement/what is the greater good/how large it makes the firmware.
  11. Samuel777
    i will send a PM to @JasonNYC with my request, for the function related to playlist to come back.
    i have more than 7000 songs and many times I was obliged to rebuild my playlist manually, and I don't want to add twice the same song in the same playlist.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  12. S Crowther
    I hope that at some point soon there will be official support for Qobuz and I/we have been waiting almost a year for Roon: the most important improvement AK can make!
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  13. youme
    So what?

    @JasonNYC - It'd be highly appreciated if you could let the guys at A&K know about our kind safety feature request :) Thanks (as always) for your continued support.
  14. Fafner

    Is this Onkyo HF? Or something else? Can't see an app named "Onkyo Music", at least where I am (Switzerland).
    If it is, how does one deal with the in-App purchase?

    Edit: found the Onkyo Music app: it isn't available in Switzerland. Would have been too nice had it been the player. :)
    I may give a try to Foobar2000. I think its interface it's pretty amateur-ish, but who knows, maybe its EQ could prove more effective than A&K's one.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  15. S Crowther
    Downloaded the new software. It seems to have broken AK Connect?
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