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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. olddude
    Why do you care if someone wants to add the same song more than once to a playlist? You create your own playlist, don't you? Unless I am misunderstanding your post (possible), you don't want anyone to add the same song more than once to a single playlist because it somehow impacts you. And yet, when YOU make up your playlists, you have complete control over how many times you add a song. You mistakenly hit the + twice, you can just erase it from the list. You mistakenly add the same song later on, you can just erase it.

    So what is the problem?
  2. Recursion
    @olddude, firstly, it doesn't make any at all to add the same song to the same playlist multiple times. It is just inconvient in my opinion that the player allows you to do so, as you end up having to remove it again, which could have been prevented, by showing a warning message.

    Now if this were to happen only once, I can see that it isn't much of an effort to remove the duplicate song again.

    However, if this happens on multiple occasions over time, because you weren't aware of the mistake you just made, you could end up with quite an annoying chore to do. You would also end up with a messed up playlist and might as well recreate the entire thing.

    It is only a minor first world issue, but irregardless, A&K could have thought this through a little better in my opinion.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  3. mmxxm
    Bloody hell mate, I'd take a few deep breaths or you'll do yourself an injury.

    It is a bit annoying but even with my OCD it just takes a bit of time to go through the library to delete any duplicates.

    First world problems and all that.
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  4. Progisus
    There is a lot of things to take care before checking if someone has added a duplicate to a playlist. They probably have it on shuffle anyway. The first would be to open the album view at the album only not the individual tracks. Second would be Roon but I've been told to quite harping on that I think.
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  5. Samuel777
    Before it was not possible to add two times the same song in the same Playlist.
    Which was very good for Playlist management. Unless everybody here consider that it is practice and perfectly easy to manage the playlists on AK dap.
    I have 7000 songs in my dap. So each time I have to rebuild my Playlist, it is a real challenge.
  6. SP1000_WOW
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  7. madFloyd
    @JasonNYC Jason, has there been any consideration to adding a user-specified max volume level setting as a safety precaution?
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  8. olddude
    Of all the things I would like to have added to the OS of the SPK, that's about at the tail-end of the list.

    Edit- I was speaking about the playlist question. As to max volume, it's sort of like buying that hot coffee. If the coffee is hot, don't spill it in your lap. If the sound can get too loud, don't turn it up too loud.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  9. DeepSouth
    As a person who could have had some permanent hearing damage with sp1000, I'd like this. Unfortunately it wouldn't be very effective because CIEM have a different efficiency than full size headphones.
  10. emrelights1973
    just buy a EU Sony....
  11. madFloyd
    Well you wouldn't have to use it. For those of us with only one pair you could save our hearing
  12. rbalcom
    Before the new OS, on every AK dap from my AK120 through my AK380 I was able to copy playlists created on my PC to it and use them to listen to music from my 33,000 song library. Now that is a real missing playlist feature. Yet, no whining or complaints about it. Your issue is just not worth reading about or wasting coding time on from my viewpoint.
  13. Samuel777
  14. DeepSouth
    Actually I would still use it. I almost hurt my ears twice. Perhaps I'd set the max volume while my full size cans are on, and if I spike my CIEMs too loud, at least it would be uncomfortably loud instead of pain and shock to the ear.
    I was complaining that I don't like to adjust the volume by using the screen. On occasion I'd adjust the volume, then quickly continue scrolling for a different album I want to play. The on screen volume control pops up and I scroll the sound is painful and I won't listen for the rest of the day. The screen volume control is a bad redundant way to adjust volume because my finger was already on the knob, so adjusting the volume using the screen has no purpose.
  15. youme
    Agreed, there was a request to have a toggle switch for that. I accidentally hit the max twice already. Which unnecessary hurts. I'd appreciate both, max and toggle switch, and album view (instead of each title) and roon of course ... :D :D :D
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