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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. olddude
    Empire Ears. Others use others :).
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  2. SP1000_WOW
    Jason, is it possible to feed Chord MScaler into SP1000 using USB DAC Mode=DAC Input? That would be a game changer.....
    I understand any input is "unofficial" and "to be tested"; I've been looking at many options but none so far (e.g. converters/hdmi/usb c.....)
  3. penguin69
    Question for Jason: is it possible to view the full file system on the A&K operating system? I can do this on my Cayin N5ii when plugged into my laptop. however under the same conditions I can only see a small part of the SP1000M file structure, e.g. '/SP1000M_Contents', '/Music/downloads', etc.

    Just curious really, not a big deal. (I wouldn't be so stupid as to try to change anything on a player I just spent £2,000 on!)
  4. NovaFlyer
    Jerry Harvey Audio
    Noble Audio
    64 Audio
    Jomo Audio
    Meze Rai Penta
    Campfire Audio
  5. madFloyd

    Thank you!
  6. Andricop
  7. kanlaw6123
    Is it able to connect the SP1000 via 2.5trrs to XLR to a pair of balanced active speakers?
  8. CreditingKarma
    I had an mscaler for a while and I am pretty sure that there is not a way to connect it to the sp1000. You can use the sp1000 as a source to mscaler. The mscaler as far as I remember only outputs signal via BNC connectors.
  9. penguin69
    I've got an M-Scaler, and yes - the only way you get the full million taps (which is what you are paying for) is via (dual) BNC cables.

    You would use USB as an input into the M-Scaler, however an M-Scaler would not use USB as an output format.
  10. KarlStromberg
    Just a short question. The carbon fiber back of my SP1000CU looks somehow weird (see the picure, I marked the positions on the back). Is that normal or is it a production error?

  11. TYATYA
    For yr ref.
  12. Fafner
    Never paid attention to it, but now that I see it I can confirm I've a couple of those imperfections on mine as well.
  13. nicolitis
    Jason what about you?
  14. JasonNYC
    Apologies, our US offices have been closed for the Independence Day holiday here in the US and we are not back until Monday, so I haven't been on much.

    I don't have a CD-Ripper here at home, so cannot give you exact answers until we are back in the office on Monday, but here is what I remember:

    1). Is there a way to force a Gracenote lookup for existing tracks on your machine or does it only work at the time of doing a rip? Only during rip

    2). Is there a way to manually choose which tracks to rip if you are also doing a Gracenote lookup. If my WiFi is off I am told Gracenote can't be found and I can then select which tracks to rip but if it is on it seems to automatically connect to Gracenote and starts to do full rip of the CD. - Yes, you can select individual tracks to rip. Again, don't have a ripper here, so I don't remember how to select that, but it should give you a choice to check/uncheck tracks. It might be the Default run setting under CD Ripper in the settings menu needs to be changed to "Ask every time" in order for the option to be there.
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  15. nicolitis
    No need to apologise Jason, hope you enjoying your holiday over there.

    Thanks for that.

    It would be a great feature to be able to manually connect to Gracenote on existing tracks or albums, is this something you could foresee as a possible future update or is Gracenote just a ripping programme only which reads from a physical CD?

    I have just tried the ask every time option and that then works exactly as i want it to, connects to Gracenote then let's me select which tracks to rip, perfecto! :L3000:
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