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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. FidelityCastro
    Did the update but when I tried to use the device, it has become very unstable - shutting down to just the on-screen ‘A’ symbol / dropping WiFi every few seconds.
    I’ve tried holding the power button down for 10/20 secs etc but no joy.

    Anyone else finding this? I’m trying to avoid a hard reset because it will mean downloading all my Tidal offline albums again, which I’ve already had to do once in an effort to get Bluetooth to work (the device has never found another device since day one but I’ve lived with it so far). Bluetooth hasn’t worked since the beginning, but everything else was working fine before the FM update.

    BTW a tangential question: what is the little icon with three upward-arrows and a number underneath? (Top left of home screen, next to the tiny ‘A’. The number underneath changes and the number of arrows highlighted changes as well.) I’ve been through the manual and can’t see a reference to it.
  2. Omegamma
    My previous update was done in a hotel room with weak wifi and my device became very unstable as well. Shot down in every minutes. Hard reset did not help at all. Was told to send it back to AK service center but was lazy to do it and my device became more stable day by day and after a week or two everything was ok.
  3. JasonNYC
    Unfortunately I would recommend a factory reset.

    The numbers with the arrow in the top left is current volume.
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  4. olddude
    AK does not change sound sig with updates. If you hear a difference, do a factory reset.
  5. FidelityCastro
    @JasonNYC I appreciate (1) your prompt response and (2) your transparency. And thks for the volume icon expl
    There are much bigger issues in the world than a dude (me) with an expensive music player, so I’ll note down my current offline Tidal albums and do the factory reset.
    @JasonNYC thanks (1) for prompt response and (2) for the transparency. And for explaining the volume thing. It’s obvious once you know, but couldn’t see it in the manual!

    There are bigger problems in the world than a reset on a music player. At least I know to write down my Tidal offline albums before I do the reset.
  6. PC_345
    Can’t wait for SP1000M update to go live! :clap:
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  7. emrelights1973
    what update ?
  8. PC_345
    As per info from JasonNYC (quote below):

    New firmware updates coming this month for SP1000 and SP1000M.

    New features include:

    • AMP support for SP1000
    • Car Mode function - When enabled, a more simplified display for one-handed use in the car
    • EQ Sync Function - ability to save and export EQ settings and share with others. Ability to import custom EQ settings. We see headphone manufacturers using this to create custom EQ settings for our players to use with their headphones or friends to share their recommended EQ settings.
    • Improvements to OpenApp - Have not received much info on this yet, but I believe it's functional fixes like fixing the text color in search on Qobuz app, etc.
    • System optimizations and bug fixes
    SP1000 firmware target release date is morning of June 18 in Korea (late night 6/17 in the US)

    SP1000M firmware target release date is morning of June 25 in Korea (late night 6/24 in the US)
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  9. emrelights1973
    ooooo that's old new, done that :)
  10. PC_345
    Lucky you! On my way home to perform mine :clap:
  11. cj3209
    I'm going by memory but the update increased the balanced line out voltage to 2.5mV, or something like that. This will probably decrease battery life. Anyone experience this already?

    I guess having more power to drive headphones in balanced is a good thing but having strong battery life is also good.

    I actually didnt think the SP1000 needed more power as it is a portable unit and I dont drive my big headphones with it but oh well.
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  12. Progisus
    @JasonNYC - any Roon update? I did a search of the AK site and there is no mention of roon at all. I thought maybe with the SP2000 we might get some action.
  13. madFloyd
    Does anybody ever use this as a mobile player (e.g. walking around) vs a portable player?

    I know it doesn't fit in a pocket and wondering what it would take to enjoy this while walking, perhaps a belt of some sort?
  14. aaf evo
    Never found it a problem in pockets if my shorts/pants were secure, but wearing any type of athletic shorts and the SP1000 was a no go. Lol.
  15. DeepSouth
    I walk around with mine all the time.
    It’s noticeably more heavy than the dx220.
    If I’m wearing a belt, shorts or jeans are fine providing it’s the only thing in that pocket.
    I can do athletic shorts also, providing there is a draw string to tie, elastic only with no tie-string is a no.
    A bigger concern is the 2.5 cable. It’s easier to slightly bend in the pocket. 2.5 is fragile. I haven’t broken a 2.5 connector yet but there is just the slightest bend.
    I would not buy a fanny pack, pockets are fine. If you wear skinny jeans, if there is elastic stretch you should be ok too. If you wear 100% cotton skinny jeans there could be an issue of not fitting.
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