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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. kerc22
    I've been using my new SP1000M black for a week and I've enjoyed it immensely! Big question though, is Apple Music going to be supported by AK? It's a pity 'cos it's such a huge library that we cannot get access to from such an awesome DAP.
  2. JasonNYC
    Apple Music will not be supported as it requires Google Play Services and a valid Google Play Store installed and registered on the device to authenticate. If Apple changes that requirement, we will add in the future.
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  3. 21qz
    I'm sure this has been brought up, but any differences in sound with the sp1000m and sp1000m gold?
  4. bmichels
    Can we expect a new A&K’s TOL like a SP2000 coming at Munich High-End show ?

    Just to give Sony’s DMP-Z1 a run for the money
  5. szore
    Gold is slightly warmer, with less air between the notes. I prefer the blue.
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  6. 21qz
    Fellas, I'm selling my mint SP1000M. Link in my signature or the FS section if anyone is interested.
    My loss is your gain!
  7. Likeimthere
    Does anyone know how to get the full unfolding capabilities of the SP1000M using MQA streaming services like Tidal?
  8. Progisus
    Just set your subscription level to Master in settings. If it is an MQA track then the SP1000 will fully decode it. It will only show MASTER. If you stream an MQA to the SP1000 by lets say mConnect it will it will show the green or blue dot. If you use the SP1000 as a source then it only does the first unfold. If used as a DAC then there is no MQA support (I could be corrected on this).
  9. soundblast75
    I only just got the 1000m but decided to get PGT,so will sell it, pm if anyone interested, haven't listed yet
  10. Likeimthere
    Well that is unfortunate... here I was thinking it would be able to do the complete unfold through Tidal... I appreciate the feedback...
  11. Giraku
    I'm doing the same thing. But mine is not moving. Good luck with yours.
  12. soundblast75
    Yeah,saw it,bad luck so far and I'm worried ,just got it and tho i loke it im getting paw
    Any recommendations for a screen protector for the SP1000M?
  14. junix
    Before you sell the SP1000M.. did you try it with the RAI Penta?
    I'm quite interested in this IEM.
  15. zachawry
    I just picked up the SP1000M. It's incredible! I love it so much.

    I had been using a 120II, then for a while with a Mojo. But the Mojo just sounded dull to my ears after a while.

    The 1000M is just amazing for a portable unit. I'm glad to have a unit that sounds good on the go after so long. (Funny how our standards change. When I first got the AK120II I was amaaaazed, but for the past couple years it's been just barely acceptable.)

    The only complaint I have is that I can't figure out how to make it work with my home DAC. Tried to plug it in with a USB C to USB B (standard) cable, and it lets me select the "External USB" icon from the swipe-down menu, but the words "USB audio" don't appear underneath and there is no sound output. Will any USB C to B cable work? I keep hearing "OTG" thrown around here, but I'm not sure how that differs from a regular cable. If the cable was somehow not working, then it wouldn't let me select "External USB" to begin with, right?

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