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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. rwelles
    My SPKM sometimes glitches between tracks even though it is set for gapless. On DSOTM, some transitions are perfect yet other transitions, it has a brief pause. Using FLAC and ALAC files. Any suggestions??
  2. bmichels
    I am not at home now. ,so I cannot check out for you, and I do not remember about Format and Folder view. Sorry.
  3. Omega139
    Hey guys,

    I noticed some members here using Amps with their SP1000. I’m a noob when it comes to the hifi game, so I was wondering if anyone could explain how amps could enhance the audio experience.

    The reason I’m confused is because I thought the SP1000 is considered “good as is”.
  4. olddude
    Gapless isn't always gapless on my 1000. Some tracks work perfectly and some don't. I've always assumed it has to do with how the tracks were made, and how they begin and end (not tagging). Are you speaking about albums where there are pauses or individual tracks you've put in a folder or a playlist that have pauses?
  5. olddude
    The 1000 is "good as is." Unless you want to try and make it better. With IEM's, it will drive any. With headphones, there is plenty of debate about whether some need more power. And some folks swear that an amp will make anything sound better. If you walk around with your 1000 using IEM's, adding an amp will add weight and size and likely not give you anything more. If you use it as a desktop DAP, there are plenty of folks here who will tell you you need one or don't need one or which ones to get or not get. Bottom line is, if you like the sound you are getting now, you likely don't need an amp.
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  6. rwelles
    I generally use the Folder view to select an album. Is that what you're asking?
  7. olddude
    I'm asking if you are playing an album of songs (regardless of how you access it) and the tracks have pauses, or if you are playing a folder of songs you yourself put together from disparate sources and they have pauses.
  8. rwelles
    Apologies for not being more clear. :upside_down:

    Yes, I'm playing full albums; not a playlist or manually put together. And there are sometimes brief pauses between tracks.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
  9. Kenneth Galang
    hi everyone I have an issue,
    I have an SE100, I'm posting here assuming the software is the same,

    when browsing through folders, there are times where it won't show my memory card, won't play songs, won't show the correct title (sometimes it would say unknown file rather than a name), and the only remedy so far is to turn off, then on again.

    there are also times where it would open and exit through folders quickly, and other times there is a long delay. other times it just won't load, and would show a blank screen after I hit "folders"

    the card was formatted in the device at first, file transfers are done through USB-c, factory reset didnt change anything

    is there anything else I can do? reinstall the firmware maybe? idk how to do it

  10. JasonNYC
    @Kenneth Galang I just responded to you on the SE100 thread.

    did you try a manual media scan? It sounds like the database didn't build correctly. Could possibly be a corrupt file on the microSD card. Try the manual scan first - Settings ->System Reset -> Initialize media scan. If you have playlists set up, make sure clear playlists box is unchecked. It can take up to 15 minutes to fully scan and index all files in internal memory and on the card.
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  11. gazzington
    Will astell and Kern ever have better eq options? Other than that they are pretty much perfect. Best ui I've ever used
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  12. TYATYA
    Well drive a hp, volume is not only a thing.
    IMO, power need to be at a leve for more presice control the base - high enegy tones.
    In case low power distort easily happen. At the power we hear no distort, still difference with more power.
    An amp drives low notes better than mobile devices : fuller and thicker, strong base.
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  13. TYATYA

    Do any one use piezo electric material on top of your unit?
    Do you feel the change?
    Or do you think it does not effect the sound?
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  14. Omega139
    Thank you for the input. I'm by no means looking for "better sound". I was just curious why I see people using amps with their SP1000. I can't imagine needing higher volumes for headphone use.
  15. 21qz
    Hi all, Is there a reason there's not a separate thread for the sp1000m?
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