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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. CreditingKarma

    Will do. The utopia is known to be slightly lacking in bass. The clears are better in that department. The 4z is superior to both of them though in my opinion. The 4z is also better than the x. It has a much wider sound stage, better imaging and has more detail and is much faster.
  2. aaf evo
    Just received my SP1000M, no chance to listen to it yet but the size and weight over the regular SP1000 SS is so much better feeling in the hand. The SS definitely has a more premium feel to it with the weight it comes with but I already do not miss the size of it. Looking forward to giving it a run here once the battery is full and my Spotify is set up.
  3. aaf evo
    Also does anyone have any suggestions where I can purchase the front and back screen protectors for the SP1000M?

    Thank you.
  4. Wooglish
    Sorry you did not buy my SP1000M but congrats on your new one:dt880smile:
    If you send a mail to AK US they will ship new protectors to you; they did not charge me when I asked for some additional ones.
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  5. aaf evo
    The deal on yours is fantastic too, just a matter of time before yours sells. Great, I will give that a shot. Thanks!
  6. JasonNYC
    We have not had any extra screen protectors in the US offices for the SP1000M unfortunately. I've been trying to get our HQ team to send some to us so we had them.
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  7. szore
    None available, lol. Those are 'hot' items. Honestly, I took the protectors off and i don't use the case anymore, I get more pleasure out of seeing and holding the unit plain, It's too nice to cover up. Altho you run the risk of scratching it, etc.
    moemoney likes this.
  8. aaf evo
    Oh okay well thanks for the quick answer, I shot an email and a facebook message over already. Lol.

    I'm for sure using the supplied case as I like it a lot, screen protectors aren't too important to me, especially the one for the back. A little screen protection never hurts though. I'm sure I'll be fine without it though.

    Maybe I'll order that Dignis SP1000M case since it comes with a little pouch thing also to put the device in.
  9. szore
    Enjoy the unit; i've had mine for about 3 months now and i have used it every single day, I love it!
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  10. aaf evo
    Well apparently I don't have eyes, I dug through the packaging and found the protectors. Lol, oops!
  11. aaf evo
    Oh I am for sure! I was very skeptical "downgrading" from my SS but I don't regret it a single bit. Also the blue is SO much nicer in person than it is in pictures. Pictures really do not do it justice.
  12. Hyde8767
    I use it with my Hugo 2 and it sounds great
  13. lithiumnk
    Are you using sp1000m as a source with hugo2?
  14. Hyde8767
  15. CreditingKarma
    I plan to use my sp1000cu with my TT2 when it come in. I am interested to see if the optical or USB output sound different.
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