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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. NovaFlyer
    I went with the blue SP1000M as well. It's different than the standard DAP colors of black, dark gray and silver.

    Currently I'm using the black A&K case that came with it. But am looking at a blue case in the future. I also noticed that A&K just released leather cases for the SP1000M in three colors - gray, dark blue and blue

  2. szore
    I like the case, but it's too tight on the buttons; they are always being pressed whenever I handle it, it seems. I wish they would have a firmware update that allows you to disable the buttons when the screen isn't active.
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  3. NovaFlyer
    I hear you about pressing the buttons and agree on the "lock" for the buttons just like for the volume wheel. Just today I accidentally hit the buttons at least six times, skipping over songs
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  4. szore
    That's sharp!
  5. NovaFlyer
  6. szore
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  7. aaf evo
    The shipping on the Dignis case is a killer. $21.
  8. szore
    Oh, if they ship to US then I will just order it, duh... Thanks... lol
  9. nicolitis
    Hi guys, my name is Steven and recently joined so hello to all.

    Been a long time owner of the original Ak100 and it has served me well but decided recently it was time for an upgrade so treated myself to a lapis blue Sp1000m and delighted with it.

    Should I be looking to get a headphone amp/dac as well and if so is it best to look at portable ones or are desktop ones possible? Never used one before so apologies for my naivety.

    Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions and I look forward to learning lots about the machine.

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  10. mmxxm
    Hello there,

    I recently got the SP1000m Gold that has rendered my chord mojo portable dac/amp and my Sony TA ZH1ES desktop unit pretty much redundant.

    The DAC's in the player are on par with the Sony desktop and to my ear better the mojo. As for amplification, the DAP easily drives my Sony MDR Z1R closed cans but they are quite easy to drive to be honest so depends on your h-phones now or future on external amplification requirements.

    Enjoy the DAP, it is a seriously good piece of kit.
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  11. CreditingKarma

    I don't think you need a dac amp with the sp1000m. I have the sp1000cu and it is probably the best dap available in regards to dac performance that is available today. I do plan to use mine as a transport for the Hugo TT2 when it arrives.

    If you are looking at an amp to use with it on the go. I would recommend the ALO CV5. It sounds great and makes tube rolling easy.
  12. madFloyd
    What is the maximum size memory card that can fit in the 1000 or 1000m? I'm going to upgrade from a 240ss which has 256gb internal and supports 256gb external for a total of 512gb. I'm disappointed that the the 1000m only has 128gb (basically you have to spend $600 more for another 128gb!).
  13. nicolitis
    Thanks creditingkarma and mmxxm.

    I will probably be using the 1000m more at home than on the go, as since moving last year I don't have an audio setup in the house. So basically it will be my only music source other than my existing music stored on my NAS.

    Therefore any interest in an dac/amp would be more of the desktop type than portable. More than happy to audition some at a local dealer to see if any benefits but can it be used with any desktop headphone amp or only ones with certain inputs? What cables and connections are used?
  14. szore
    You're good to go.
  15. TYATYA
    400GB is surely support. May be more than that.
    600$ for a mmc card? Is it wrong?
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