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New to tubes.. need some help

  1. raf1919
    I just got vali2 and wanted to order a tube or two to try my first run at tube rolling.

    on tube depot it gives several options with no explanation what they are for or if needed. can someone with more knowledge tell me which of these add ons are needed with vali2? i know they sell tubes for instruments so just want to make sure i get the right one for me. Thank you.

    High Gain
    Balanced triodes
    Macthed+ Balanced triodes
    Low noise and microphonic
  2. scotvl
    Of the options you listed I know the one you want for sure is the balanced triodes so your left and right channels are even because the Vali 2 only has one tube.
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  3. raf1919
    Thanks.. wonder if other items are for guitar amps
  4. scotvl
    I would think the high gain might pertain more to guitar amps but if you had the valhalla 2 or any other amp that used separate tubes for separate channels then you would want a matched balanced pair.
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  5. onevstheworld
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  6. raf1919
    Saw that but that's people discussing sounds and performance etc I'm a ground zero Trying to figure out what to just order. My first tube ever.
  7. onevstheworld
    It's still the better thread to ask. They'll more likely have the experience to tell you want you should start with, and specific to Vali 2.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
  8. raf1919
    I can try just thought I would get flammed for asking newbee question outside the newbee forum
  9. onevstheworld
    I'm sure most people are better than that :)
  10. chef8489
    It is a good thread to read and gives advice on first tubes to try. It is a good guide. Join in on the fun and no one will treat you bad in the thread. I love my vali 2. What headphones are you using and what music do you enjoy as that can make a difference as well. If you want to send me a pm we can talk.
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