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Jun 19, 2011
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Jun 19, 2011
Thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Daniel and I live outside of Nashvegas, TN.  New to the forum, but not new to audio. Spent 5 years working in & around Music Row as an engineer, producer's assistant & professional audio rental company manager (high end recording eqiupment).  After several years of barely making ends meet, I got out of the game & sold most of my gear including some sweet headphones (Grado RS-2's, Sennheiser HD-600's, Tannoy Active Reveals (original), etc, etc, etc). Most of that gear is now wrapped around my wife's finger.
Anywho, after a long hiatus I started missing hi-end audio a bit, so I decided to get back into hi-fi listening, mainly computer based as I have almost 2TB of ripped CD's.  I started by long-term borrowing a sweet Benchmark DAC-1 (original black, non-USB) for conversion & a headphone amp, hooking it up to my 24" iMac with a simple mini-Toslink to regular Toslink cable, which was ok.  I've been monitoring with a pair of Grado SR-80's I picked up a while back and have slowly been doctoring on (Jaben AluMod, new Canare starquad cable, driver mod, etc).  After awhile I got persnickety & decided to see what my computer was capable of, so I started lurking around here & reading up on asynchronus USB to SPDIF converters.  I bought a Teralink-X with nice audio quality Monster digital USB cable connected to the Benchmark via an Apogee Wide-Eye cable. (I have always loved Apogee gear).
That was nice until I realized I could only get 16bits / 48khz out of it, and I really want to do HI-FI listening (i.e. 24 bits, 96-192khz), so it would have to be replaced (incidentally it's for sale/trade, although I can't post in classifieds yet due to being a noob).  I traded up to an M2Tech Hiface unit, which seems to be doing the trick.  I'm going to let the whole system getting burned in to some hi-res Beethoven, but it's sounding good so far, nice & open...natural.
Just wanted to see if anyone had some suggestions for any signal chain improvements...I'm always open to constructive criticism.  The next thing to be done is some decent desktop speakers for non-headphone listening.  I'm torn between getting a set of Audioengine A2's or building my own small system with something like passive Tannoy Reveals with a small tube amp (a la Miniwatt S1) or some sort of Class-T amp like a Sonic Impact or decent chinese unit with the TA2040 chipset.
All that said...hi!
- Daniel
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