New to the headphone world
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New Head-Fier
Sep 15, 2015
Hey guys the only headphones i ever owned were 10$ ones from your local store lol. Now im looking to upgrade a little bit... Im willing to drop 150$ for headphones and 50$ for an amp.
Im only looking for an over the ear, and does a detatchable cord make much difference..? I wont be around others when listening. Itll either be in my room destroying people on a game or mowing grass on a riding lown mower

I love metal, screamo, anything with a guitar really. But i want mostly bass because i just love the very few rap songs i listen too.
If you could suggest headphones on those preferences and an amp too, if it will need an amp. Honestly i dont get why theirs need for an amp...?
Idc how they look, they could be My little pony. I want quality and a comfy fit for hours of headtrauma.
Ive also been seeing highs mids lows? What does that mean exactly? Bass treb and..?
Ive been reading around for days and dont really know what im looking for and a dropping money like that i dont want to pick something out of a hat. I would love any feedback. Even the negative is loved<3

Ive been looking at the soundmagic hp200
What does "closes back" and "open" mean..? They were comparing or talking about the 100s and 200s
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Soundcard... Dunno what that is. I play PC and ps3. Only music i listen too when i play is with my guitar amp and aux cord n mp3
Destiny, several steam games, usually RTS related or Chivalry Medieval Warfare<3 that game is my life
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open just means
What does "closes back" and "open" mean..? They were comparing or talking about the 100s and 200s

open just means no solid backing on the headphones, so the sound leaks out and anyone close by would hear it.  advantages are a wider sound stage, and easier on the ears.  these usually have less bass though.

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