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New to the forums, have an age-old noob question!

  1. Exarch
    Greetings HeadFi, I've been lurking for a while and decided to finally make a post.  As far as my experience is concerned, I'm very new to the high-fi world.
    I'm a big fan of IEM's due to the isolation.
    I own an older set of UE MetroFi 220's as well as an almost new Ety Hf3.  As a source I use my PC, Sound Blaster XFi linked via optical to a Yamaha home theater receiver operating in stereo with foobar doing its thing.  I also own a current-gen nano for porta-noise.
    The Etymotics are amazingly accurate in the mid and high end, much more precise than anything I've ever heard.  Unfortunately the bass is reproduced with the same scientific accuracy and almost no thump (I've read that this a feature of balanced armatures).
    The UE's have a fantastic thump in the low end, but generally sound inaccurate across all ranges when compared to the Etys.
    My musical styles are generally centered around electronic music of just about any flavor aside from jungle and hardstyle.  I also enjoy symphonic/orchestral music from time to time as well as some top 40.
    I'm looking to possibly get rid of the Hf3's in favor of something else, however I don't know what that something else is.  I've read many reviews and still can't come up with a decision.
    What I am looking for (which is probably impossible) is an IEM which combines the clarity and accuracy of the Hf3 with the low-end thump of the UE product while retaining accuracy.  I realize I'm probably asking for a unicorn that lays golden eggs here, but I figure I'll never know unless I ask.
    As far as budget is concerned, I'm less concerned with how much they cost and more concerned with the final product, I'm in no firey rush.  For any who read this which are interested in the Hf3's, when I settle on something I will be attempting a trade to get whatever it is.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to hear something soon!
  2. calipilot227
    Triple.fi 10, if you can get them to fit
  3. Exarch
    Where there is a will there is a way, and I have a good bit of will.
    I'll go do some more reading on them.  Thanks!
  4. SolidVictory

    I would definitely recommend the EarSonics SM3 if you can afford them. They recently released a new version (SM3 V2) which is just a more ergonomic version (does not sound better in any way), but costs much more. The price of the SM3 V1 should go down more now. You can buy a pair used off the trade section here, or you can buy them new for around $300. They are triple balanced armature over a three-way crossover and sound fantastic--bass has punch, mids and highs are clear and precise, and the soundstage is one of the best of all the universals. Here's a review that I did on them.
  5. Exarch
    Thanks for your input SolidVictory.  I read your review and must say they sound like an awesome piece of hardware. 
    The piece of music I use as a reference for general bass control and general texture is Deamau5 - Ghosts n Stuff, both the original as well as the remix with Rob Swire doing some vocals (looking for clipping/distortion of the vocals by the massive wave of bass).  The track I use to reference bass texturing and driver speed is Mimosa - Flux for Life. The track I use as a reference for full-range and general impact is Pendulum - Encoder.
    I'm working on expanding my selection of reference tracks, but am in the middle of my work-week currently so this slows the process down.  That said, if you've any of the tracks listed above and wouldn't mind passing off some written impressions through the SM3's I would be forever appreciative.
    I will be keeping my eye on the used market here on the forums.  At this point I'm thinking about giving the TF10's a try while hunting for some SM3's.

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