New to the Forum - Serious help needed - Shure e2c repair question.
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New Head-Fier
May 20, 2012
Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and I need help.
First off, I am not an "Audiophile" by any means, just a working drummer in a rock band, and my IEM system is my lifeblood on stage (I basically can't gig without it).
The right bud on my Shure e2c is cutting in and out and it's been getting worse each gig. Last night I basically played with my right bud only. I sing lead as well as backups and this is a real problem for me.
Can this be fixed, and who would I have do the work? I have asked around town here and no one will tackle this problem.
If I can find someone to fix this problem, would it be worth the cost, or should I just look into a new set?
Lastly, can anyone compare the e2c to the SE215? I have been looking at the 215's as a possible replacement and like the idea of the detatchable cable as this this seems to be the area I have issues with my buds (I have been using an IEM system for a good 15 yrs now and have been through several sets of buds). The e2c's are my favorite to this point. The sound quality on-stage is very good and the isolation is great. The buds I use get a real workout, and heat from the lights combined with sweat likes to dry/harden the cables over time.
I attempted to use the original set of SE115's that originally came with my Shure unit last night and the results were pretty bad. Sound was very "tinny" and I couldn't get much isolation with the earpieces that came with the unit.
Thanks in advance for any replies/advice!
Scott Bundy

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