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New to the Audiophile world looking for a good pair of headphones to get into.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by darthoz, Jan 14, 2013.
  1. Darthoz
    Hello Everyone...or anyone who takes the time to read this. HELP AUDIOPHILE YOUR MY ONLY HOPE.
    Recently I visited a cousin whom I haven't seen in a while and well he was different but the thing that had changed the most was...
    His newly found passion for Bass Infected Headphones.
    I try'ed them on and I must say I was blown away it wasn't any of those disgusting Beats all my friends have I think they where called ultrasound hifi 780 or something like that anyway they where amazing. So I want some like that but I have a 150 dollar budget. so if you guys could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  2. squallkiercosa
    There you go
  3. Darthoz
    They look pretty good I've also been told the Sony MDR XB-500's are pretty good of the two which do you think is better?
  4. squallkiercosa
    The ones I posted. Honestly 
  5. CashNotCredit
    OP wants bass.

    HM5s are awesome, but bass is not their bread and butter.

    A lot of people recommend the Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO for quality, bass-heavy headphones (Note: I've never gotten to listen to them).

    The JVC HA-S500 is a good bet, too, as is the DBI PRO 705 (if you can find one).

    The XB500s are a lot like a better version of the Beats. The other two headphones mentioned are an entirely different animal.

    Also, Ultrasone? They're pretty well liked around these parts too, but I don't know much about them.
  6. TrollDragon
    Really... the HM5's
    This is your best choice, they'll blow your cousins HFI-780's away! [​IMG]
    beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 $169 & Free Shipping (Price is reduced in cart)
    2nd Choice
    M Audio Q-40 $99 + FiiO E6 Amp $28 (Portable Subwoofer headphones)
    Ultrasone HFI-780's are $149 at B&H but out of stock...
  7. DJHeadshot
    HM5 are good pair of headphones closed but have quite a large sound stage with good detail and are not bright so not fatiguing to listen to but I wouldn't call them dark or  laid back in the highs  The HD 428 I had had laid back highs this is closer to neutral..  The bass extends deep but it lacks impact and rumble you need to boost them alot to really bring the bass forward.  Compared to the ultrazones which are known for big bass and bright highs it probably not what your looking for at least stock with no EQ.  Comfort is decent on these as the pads are very soft and plush and has good amount headband padding but clamp force is high but it loosens up with use.
    I can back up the S500 great pair of headphone there on ear and closed but they sound surprisingly open for there small size but defiantly have a more forward and less expansive sound then compared something like the HM5.  They have deep extending bass( a bit deeper then the HM5) and doesn't really need EQ there's a a very solid amount of impact and rumble at stock when the song calls for it like a dubstep track is going to have way more deep bass then an acoustic quitar track but I like a bit of boost anyways.  They treble has some nice sparkle to it but not overly bright imo and with 2 qtips bent under each cup there quite comfortable not going to be a 8 hour headphone for sure more like 2-3 hours max of of use as the pressure of being on your ears does add up overtime and if you wear glasses at least with mine(I wear ones with a thick leg frame) you have to lift your glasses legs out of the cup to rest over them or the pressure that creates with them pressing down on it when wearing it becomes uncomfortable quickly.

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