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New to power cables... What to get for <~$100...

  1. xxicrimsonixx

    I was skeptical at first about power cables and such, until I plugged in my amp to a Belkin surge protector, and heard a massive amount of noise. I then plugged the amp straight back into the wall, with no issue. I then picked up a Furman PST-6 power conditioner, and boy, did that make a difference!

    Now I am looking to get new power cables. Overall I need 3 (one for my computer (source), one for my DAC (Schiit Bifrost MB Gen 5), and one for my amp (Glow Amp One)). Running LCD-2 with Cardas 4x24 IC, so I definitely think that my system is revealing enough to where the power cables will make a difference.

    Anyways, not sure what I should get. I have seen on eBay, there are Furukawa power cables, but I have no idea if they are any good.


    Another option I have seen are SUPRA LoRad cables, which are about twice the price of the Furukawa.

    Need some recommendations. I would like the best bang for buck. Primarily looking to clean the signal, and open up the sound (more sound stage, resolution, possibly more bass extension, etc... All that jazz). I don't mind spending a little bit extra to get something significantly better, but on that same note, I don't want to spend a significant amount more just to get a little bit extra performance. And obviously, the cheaper the better.
  2. Monsterzero
    I use Pangea cables,not stupid expensive and I def hear a difference,mainly in the weight of the bass,and staging.
  3. koven Contributor
    I also use Pangea cables, pretty good for the price..
  4. xxicrimsonixx
    I like the look of the construction of those cables. Plus they use Cardas copper.. which one would you suggest, the AC 9 or 14? Also, what is the difference between SE vs regular (ex AC9SE vs AC9)?

    My computer typically can draw ~1000ish (or more) watts, and I use it to mine when I'm not using it, so I would need a heavier duty cable for it... My computer has literally melted 2 different ''basic' power cables on separate occasions...

    EDIT: I'm thinking the AC 9 for my computer and also my amp, and then the AC 14 for my bifrost?
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  5. LouS
    I am purchasing a Preamp from Don Sachs. He has a cord that he sells for $109. I told him that I have a Signal Cable power cord and he recommended I just use that. 5 feet is $85. Power cords are the one item that I haven't really done a lot of testing with, but beyond having a cord with more than sufficient current capacity for your gear, the only way they otherwise should effect your sound would be if you have line noise and a particular weave happens to filter out the particular noise your AC has on it. Generally speaking I use isolation transformers to filter noise, and then all I concern myself with is current overkill, IOW, using a cable more than large enough to supply the load. Until recently I was generally a power cable denier, I certainly understood that in some instances certain weaves could act as a filter, but was never willing to pay crazy money to test the theory. Anyway, if Don Sachs says that the Signal Cable cord is sufficient and isn't trying to get me to buy a cord from him, I believe that the Signal Cable PC must be a reasonably good power cord. OTOH, if I didn't have the Signal Cable cord, he would recommend the ones he has sourced. So you may want to check his out as well!
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  6. xxicrimsonixx
    I saw those cables too. Tbh, I was looking at the pangeas, and they are quite expensive for the ones I would want. How did the magicpower cords change your sound signature?
  7. LouS
    That's the thing, I haven't actually put them to the test. I lost WiFi in a thunderstorm, got Thiel CS-7 speakers, and I am not sure that any cord that can carry sufficient current will make much difference as I have a medical grade isolation transformer and the same brand filter which you use. I think that most differences are heard in systems without filtering, or when people are using inferior cords. That said, at one time I also believed that a speaker cable was a speaker cable and an interconnect was an interconnect. I just got these, and while they are in use, I have changed too many other things to know if they made any difference.

    I went with Signal Cables because their silver clad ICs beat the heck out of ICs costing 6 times as much. Don Sachs knows Signal Audio and likes them. His system is far more sensitive than even mine, and I know his predilections well enough that I tend to defer to him. His cables are about the same money though, so if I had it to do again, had I known he had the cables he is selling, I would have bought his, and I may well still end up with a couple of pairs. I wish I could be more helpful, but if you call Don I am sure that he can better answer your questions. Hopefully in a few weeks I to may be better equipped too do so.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
    xxicrimsonixx likes this.
  8. xxicrimsonixx
    I spoke to Don, he helped clear a lot of things up for me, explained potential options in terms of gauge required, and what I should be looking for. He didn't even try to sell me anything, which was great, it felt very sincere.

    Ulimately I am going with 3x Pangea AC14SE. I originally wanted to get 1x Pangea AC14SE and 2x Pangea AC9SE, but the 9SE is super expensive. i thought It would need it for my amp and my computer, but I came to the conclusion it wouldn't make much difference, since Don suggested I just use a hospital grade power cord for my computer (usually around 16 awg), since computer power supplies are usually garbage anyways. Decided to opt for a 14 awg Pangea cable for it, since it should be slightly thicker than the hospital grade power cable, and should still offer cleaner power to the computer compared to a standard cable. Better to have maybe 50% cleaner power going to the computer than 0% cleanliness, right (I'm pulling those numbers out of my a** btw, just an example)?

    I placed the order for the Pangeas, and I am looking forward to receiving them. Thank you for the help. I would have gone with the Signal Cables PC, but I really like that the Pangeas use Cardas wires, and my headphones have Cardas IC, so I wanted some uniformity.

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