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New to headfi - two v-moda's - still on the fence

  1. joshonheadfi
    Hi all,

    I was recommend to join this site by friend of mine here in Tokyo as I have recently welcomed headphones to the house of gadget love.

    First I had a set of v-moda vibrato Nero remote's that were frankly incredible in terms of the sound quality, loudness, bass, and so on, but they kicked the bucket all on their own for no apparent reason. Much to v-moda's credit they are currently whisking out a fresh pair of M80 crossfade's to replace the Vibrato's.

    Being the patient gear head that I am I ordered a pair of M-80's and will simply sell the replacements when they arrive.

    My issues are these:

    The sound isolation is all but non-existent, the earphones start to hurt after about 2.5 hours, the bass is well...not impressive. And as a glasses wearer I'm still getting used to headphones vs earphones, which I've always had.

    My questions are these:
    - will my ears get used to the headphones? Being a new user I am not sure if there is a comfort adjustment period. ??
    - is there anything else that is in the $200 price range that will offer better comfort, sound isolation, and just as good or better sound quality?

    These are my first step into real headphones and I can't go back to the apple headphones or the like, so I have nothing but good things to say about the sound of both of these models of v-moda and the price paid.
  2. bubsdaddy
    Welcome to Head-fi. I also own the M80 and found them a bit uncomfortable while wearing glasses. This seems to have moderated after wearing them for a few days. I don't know if the pads or headband changed or if I just became accustomed to the fit.
    I'll leave it to others to recommend alternatives based on your criteria. I think people would be interested in what type of music you listen to and what your source is to give you a better recommendation.
  3. joshonheadfi

    Thanks and yes I'm hoping the same will happen with the glasses x headphone feel. I've only had them for about 4 days now, so maybe about 10 hours of listening.

    I listen to a mix of music, alternative, hip hop, blues, trip hop, classic rock. And I mostly listen from my iPhone, no amp.

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